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AAA Car Insurance Review

AAA is a very diverse and well-known insurance company. The non-profit organization was founded in 1902. They offer special auto insurance on a per-state basis, and customers may file a claim 24/7. The company is nationwide with multiple state-specific sites for customers to visit.

On top of car insurance, the company offers tons of other services. These services include travel benefits, car reservations, and vacation discounts. Their car insurance branch is called AAA Automotive.

AAA Automotive offers multiple discounts and competitive rates. Compared to other insurance companies, their services and rates are unmatched. Customers may take advantage of their loyalty discounts and concierge claims services. This means that AAA handles the majority of the claims process, so customers get to alleviate some stress after an accident.

Car Coverage

For their liability coverage, AAA decided to split bodily injury and property damage. This means that the customer needs to purchase both separately, and both are legally required in the United States. Their bodily injury coverage has a split limit. They split their coverage between a per-person and a per-accident basis. They do not split property damage.

The rest of AAA’s auto insurance coverage is pretty basic. Other types of coverage that they offer include uninsured motorist and medical payments. Their medical payments cover the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. Customers may take advantage of other types of coverage by AAA by becoming a member.

Benefits of Becoming an AAA Member

AAA offers tons of discounts to their members. These discounts apply to anything from travel discounts to car replacement services. Some other benefits to becoming a member with AAA include vehicle upkeep and repairs. AAA members receive a discount for any type of upkeep. The process is simple; visit an AAA-approved body shop, and get your car taken care of.

The company’s website is incredibly informative. Customers may opt-in for an online quote or to consult a local agent.

After receiving a discount, be sure to look into the company’s collision and comprehensive coverage. Customers have the chance to be fully insured for competitive and discounted rates. The company also offers rental reimbursement, depending on the nature of the accident. 

Consumer Affairs Review

Though the company is unaccredited on Consumer Affairs, customers go to the review company to discuss their concerns. The company received a 2.9 out of 5 from Consumer Affairs. This number comes from 685 honest reviews.

Most unsatisfied customers report being unhappy with AAA’s roadside service. Some customers have been left stranded due to discrepancies with the company. AAA changes up their priority based on who uses their designated body shop. Customers who opt out of using their designated body shop may be pushed to the bottom of the towing list.

Happier customers consider AAA to be reliable. Some have had mutliple breakdowns with no issues on behalf of AAA. Many long-term customers stay happy with the insurance company. Other happy customers are next-generation customers whose parents originally worked with AAA. The happiest customers have peace of mind that AAA has their back.

A.M. Best Review

According to A.M. Best, AAA is financially stable. They have an A+ rating from the review company, putting them above average in finances. A.M. Best rated AAA 3rd in customer satisfaction in 2019. 

The company has a stable financial outlook. This means that customers may have some peace of mind when working with AAA. On top of their great financial outlook, the company seems to improve on a yearly basis. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Clearsurance for AAA are highly positive. The company received a 4.1 out of 5 stars, and most customers are highly satisfied with their services. Only 12% of AAA’s reviews are below average. Around 87% of customers are highly satisfied.

Positive customers seem to enjoy the personal process of filing a claim. AAA’s competitive prices outperform most other insurance companies, and customers acknowledge that. Most of AAA’s happy customers qualified for their discounts, or they are members of the company. 

Unhappy customers dislike AAA’s consistently raising rates. Some customers report some discrepancies in billing, such as billing after cancellation. Other unsatisfied customers report too many complications with the claims filing process. A majority of bad reviews come from unhappy customers stranded on the side of the road.


  • Notoriously good at customer service
  • Excellent roadside assistance
  • Concierge claims process
  • Most customers are satisfied with their services
  • Competitive rates for services they offer
  • Easy-to-use website


  • Some customers report being stranded
  • Not much variety in their policies