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Cost To Add A Driver To Car Insurance

If you have another driver in your household that has regular access to your vehicle, you’ll need to add them to your insurance plan—otherwise, your claim may be denied if they get in an accident in your car. 

Will My Car Insurance Double With Two Drivers?

The prospect of adding another driver may be upsetting if you think that it means you’ll be doubling your car insurance payment every month. Happily, this isn’t often the case. Your premium may go up a lot, but it could also be just a marginal or moderate increase. In some cases, your premium might actually go down when you add another driver. How does that work?

It All Depends On Who You Add

As we’ve mentioned, your rates could stay the same, but they may also go up—or down.  When you add a new driver to your insurance policy, you’ll also be giving the company this person’s:

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number (or driver’s license number)
  • The length of time they’ve had their license
  • Any accidents or traffic violations they’ve had

The company will use this information to determine how your rates are affected. You see, your rates are based on risk factor—and the insurance company uses the information above to determine that.

If you fall into a high-risk category and you’re adding a lower risk driver, your premium might go down. However, if you’re a low-risk driver and you add a high-risk driver, your premium might go up. Women usually have lower car insurance rates than men, and teens have the highest rates of all. So be sure to get a quote!

When Am I Required To Add Someone?

Usually, this applies to family members and significant others that live with you. For example, your live-in girlfriend or your wife should be added to your policy. If you have children with driver’s licenses that will be driving your car, you should add them, too. The same goes for any kids away at college if they’re going to be driving your car when they’re at home on break. 

You should also consider adding any employees that might use your car on a regular basis. For example, if your nanny uses your vehicle frequently to pick your kids up from school, she should probably be on your car insurance policy as well.

When Am I Not Required To Add Someone?

It can be a little confusing knowing whether or not you should add people to your policy under certain circumstances. For example, you may have roommates that you live with. Some insurance policies will allow you to decide whether or not to add them, others will require you to add them. Talk to your insurance agent to find out for sure.

If you do get to decide whether or not to add them, the deciding factor should be how much access to your vehicle they have. Really, if they ever borrow your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have them on your policy. Your insurance company may not cover an accident otherwise, if your roommate was driving but wasn’t on your insurance policy. You don’t want that to happen!

Can I Add Someone On A Temporary Basis?

Yes, you can. You may even be able to schedule with your insurance company so that the coverage automatically expires by a certain date when you’ll no longer need it.  Be aware that insurance companies are likely to have various rules and policies about this that you need to follow carefully; ask your agent if you have questions or concerns about