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Does Car Insurance Cover Scratches And Dents?

Full coverage auto insurance might cover scratches and dents. This type of coverage includes most cosmetic repairs. You may find full coverage to be more necessary for a newer car in this case. Claiming a scratch or dent on your insurance may not seem worth it for an older car. Newer cars, however, you may want to keep as pristine as possible. 

Depending on the circumstances of the scratches and dents, other types of auto insurance may cover the damages. This depends on if the damages are your fault, another driver’s fault, or outside of your control. If you have one type of coverage or another, it is likely that you can be covered for scratches and dents.

Is Claiming A Scratch Or A Dent Worth It?

There are a few complications if you decide to claim a scratch or a dent. There is a deductible for full coverage insurance claims. Your deductible might cost more than the cost of repair. In this case, you may want to consider paying for the scratch or dent. Take this into consideration, especially if the scratches or dents are your fault. 

It truly depends on what you do not mind in a car. The majority of people simply deal with scratches and dents. They will not claim a scratch or a dent on their car insurance because the car still runs. 

Most people do not think that it is worth it to pay a deductible and contact their insurance company. Avoiding extra charges on your premium is paramount. Others might want to keep their new car pristine, so they will claim a scratch or a dent. Either option is reasonable.

The severity of the dent is where the situation lies. Some dents are more serious than others, and they may cost more than the price of a new panel. Scratches are similar. One scratch on different sections of the car could require an entirely new coat of paint. 

Coverage Options

Scratches and dents are covered depending on the situation. Another driver denting your car is covered by their liability insurance. In this case, you do not even have to make a claim on your own insurance. Liability insurance at the fault of another driver is their responsibility, and you simply have to contact their insurance company for compensation.

A sudden scratch or dent that you did not witness is covered under another type of insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers accidents outside of your control, and usually, you are not even driving the car. This includes things like a ball hitting your car, a basket scratching your paint, or someone keying your car. 

Collision protection covers scratches and dents that are your fault. Hitting another driver means that your liability has to cover them, but it does not have to cover you. This type of coverage is responsible for repairs to your car in an accident that was your fault. Collision protection does not cover damages that were made outside of the accident. A scratch or dent made a week before your accident is not covered by collision protection.