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Wyoming Auto Insurance

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Everyone will need to register their vehicles in Wyoming, but they will not be able to do so if they cannot prove that they will be able to pay the medical bills of those they injure in a car crash. They will also need to take financial responsibility for any property they damage. Those who have a spare $25,000 can leave a deposit with the treasurer, but most people find purchasing Wyoming car insurance the more affordable option.

Wyoming’s Auto Insurance Requirements

The state of Wyoming requires that those who are going to drive a vehicle purchase liability insurance coverage only. They must have bodily injury liability in the amount of $25,000 to cover one person’s medical bills. If more than one person is hurt in the collision, the policy must have at least $50,000 to cover everyone’s bills. For damaged property, the insurance package must have at least $20,000.

What Are People Paying for Auto Insurance in Wyoming?

The amount that people are paying for auto insurance in WY varies greatly. For example, in Cody, the average auto insurance rate is only $964 per year. However, the average is much higher in Casper where people are paying $1,610 per year for their coverage. The reason that different cities have such drastically different rates is because each city represents a different level of risk.

In some cities, not many vehicles are driving along the roads. With less congested streets, each driver has a lower risk of being in a car collision. Some cities have a higher incidence of car thefts. This will cause auto insurance companies to charge higher rates for optional coverage. These people cannot necessarily move to another city to receive better rates, but they do have a way of obtaining cheap car insurance in WY.

How to Qualify for Lower Auto Insurance Rates

By comparing Wyoming auto insurance quotes online, car owners can find auto insurance companies that will offer them lower rates. Just by entering their zip codes into the box at top, they will receive several quotes from several different auto insurance companies. Among them will be some high rate quotes, and they can be eliminated quickly.

With a long list of auto insurance companies offering favorable rates, Wyoming drivers can lower their premiums even further when they ask for discounts. If they are driving a vehicle that is not very costly to repair or replace, optional collision and comprehensive coverage will be at a lower rate. If they are driving in a city that is not very congested, they must be sure to point this out to their agents so that they can receive a discount. The easiest way to receive reasonable rates is to first enter your zip code and begin comparing quotes in minutes.