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Travelers Car Insurance Review

Also known as Travelers Group, Travelers was originally based in Saint Paul Minnesota. Being founded in 1853, the company has been around for well over a century. The company’s policy revolves around personalized car insurance. Their in-person agents help customers one-on-one. 

NerdWallet placed Travelers in 5th place out of 20 for the best car insurance. Their finances and customer service make them an excellent insurance company. They pride themselves on having few customer complaints and always solving the issue. 

Travelers keep an informative and up-to-date website. The website goes into detail about the company’s policy and different types of insurance coverage. They allow customers to call them for a quote after becoming informed on the different types of policies. This company heavily relies on local agents, and those agents work hard to help an individual customer’s needs.

Travelers Coverage

Travelers offer diverse liability that covers bodily injury and property damage. Unlike some insurance companies, they do not separate the two. Their liability coverage also insures lawsuits, your own injuries, the injuries of your passengers, and pedestrians. 

Opting into Travelers’ liability insurance keeps your passengers safe. The company covers their hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and rehabilitation. 

For a customer to be fully insured, they should opt into personal injury protection and medical payments. A customer’s liability insurance may not cover everything, so Travelers offers this coverage as a backup. Purchasing all three policies fully covers the customer in an at-fault accident.

Collision Coverage

Travelers offers collision coverage as a way to fully insure a hit driver. This coverage is mainly for general collisions. A general collision would include most no-fault accidents. A no-fault accident involves being hit by another car or an object. 

Travelers recommend collision coverage for leased or financed vehicles. Having full coverage for a car that the customer does not fully own keeps them from paying costly expenses out of pocket. 

Umbrella Policy

Purchase the company’s umbrella policy as an extension of their liability. Sometimes, accidents get incredibly expensive. The umbrella policy covers additional liability up to $1,000,000. This policy is very useful for providing more liability money to fall back on.

J.D Power Review

J.D. Power reported Travelers to be mostly average to below average. Overall customer satisfaction is below average, but Travelers is doing well in some aspects. Their policy offerings, interactions, and claims are average. Their initial policy offerings are average, prices, agents and the website are also average.

As for their below average reviews, Travelers seems to be lacking in some places. Customers are generally unsatisfied with prices, billing, and the general information on policy.

Customers give the overall insurance shopping process a 3 out of 5 stars. The customer service is generally good, and this is due to the local agents being more personal and helpful. 

Unlike their agents, their call center representatives get a below average rating from customers. The call center representatives may not be on the same page as agents, and it shows in customer reviews. Their representatives may be unable to answer questions or exhibit poor customer service. According to J.D. Power, customers are unsatisfied with their call center experience.

A.M Best Review

A.M. Best considers Travelers to be incredibly financially stable. The company received an A++ superior rating due to their strong business model. Strong financial model and a long-term credit of aa+. 

Customers are safe from sudden bankruptcy because of Travelers’ excellent enterprise risk management team. There is no expected dip in company capital, and the company closely follows market trends to keep their head well above water. When purchasing a policy, customers experience a risk that is next to nothing.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

As for their customer reviews, Travelers received 4.08 out of 5 stars. About 83% of the customers were highly satisfied with Travelers in general. Only 16% of customers rate the company below average.  

All of the satisfied customers like service for higher pricing. They enjoy the ease of filing an online claim and how quickly Nationwide takes control. The customers enjoy the personal local agents that are very helpful for answering questions. 

Clearsurance reports do show that some drivers were not informed about the state of their insurance. This led to an unsatisfactory experience for the customer because they were driving uninsured. Some claim mistakes, price gouging, and failed roadside assistance have also been reported.


  • Good customer service overall
  • Ease of filing claims
  • Highly satisfied customers
  • Local guides are helpful and personal


  • Failed to inform uninsured drivers
  • Making multiple mistakes with certain claims
  • According to one customer, Travelers price gouges
  • Some customers have been stranded from lack of roadside assistance