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Access Car Insurance Review

The Access Insurance Group insures high-risk drivers at an affordable rate. The company was founded in 1975, and they rely on on-call agents to run their company. The company insures customers in two areas: Indiana and Arizona.

Access displays themselves as a “no-credit-check” type of coverage. Their policies are meant for drivers with a poor driving record or credit, and they do not break the bank.

Access is convenient for lower-income customers. They accept cash payments, and they offer a cheap monthly rate. The company revolves around being low-cost for high-risk drivers. 

Types of Coverage

As a whole, Access offers basic coverage to their customers. Customers have a choice of liability coverage and a few add-ons. Those add-ons include uninsured motorist coverage, non-owner coverage, and SR22 coverage.

Liability Coverage

The insurance company’s liability coverage insures bodily injury and property damage. Because it is required by the state, any customers are required to get liability insurance. Access offers a unique spin on liability by including comprehensive and collision coverage within the policy. This is the least that a customer can get for a low price.

The company only covers the cash value of the car before it was totaled. If the car was worth $3,000 and $4,000 in damages happened in an accident, then the car will be considered totaled. Access will not repair damages made before the accident or claim was filed.

Non-Owner & SR-22

Access also offers non-owner insurance. This type of coverage is for customers who do not own a vehicle, but they drive another person’s vehicle. Non-owner coverage is a basic liability that covers the driven car and damages in the event of an accident.

SR-22 coverage is for high-risk drivers with a bad record. This includes DUI’s, being caught without insurance, and a revoked license. For some people, getting their license back requires SR-22 insurance, so Access covers them before they get back into a vehicle.

Customers opt-in for Access because of their low rates. The insurance company’s willingness to take in high-risk drivers makes them appealing to improving drivers. People with bad credit may take advantage of their low rates as they build their credit back.

To get coverage, customers must work one-on-one with an agent. Most customers prefer this approach because the agent caters to their needs. 

Trustpilot Reviews

According to Trustpilot, Access Insurance is working for customers. Most customers are highly satisfied with 4.6 out of 5 stars and 272 reviews. Around 91% of customers are highly satisfied with their experience with Access. Only 9% of reviewers are below average or unsatisfied with their experience.

Most of the happy customers appreciate good customer service. Good customer service with low rates is uncommon, so this is truly something to note. Satisfied customers also report that Access is quick with paperwork, meaning that the claims process is not drawn out. They appreciate the affordable prices, even for being a high-risk driver. The staff seems to be well trained and informative, creating a good customer experience.

Unhappy customers report problems with canceled policies. Access seems to be quick to cancel a customer’s policy, especially after the first accident. They do not have accident forgiveness, and most of their drivers already have poor driving records. Some customers report a cancellation due to “previous driving record”, so it does seem that Access picks and chooses what high-risk drivers to insure.

BBB Ranking

Access received an A+ accredited ranking from the Better Business Bureau. They have been accredited with BBB since 2018, making them fairly new compared to other insurance companies. 

Only six customer reviews currently exist on the Better Business Bureau website. There are very few reviews on the BBB website, but Access does answer customer complaints. Happy customers enjoy the well-trained and informative staff. Some unsatisfied customers report issues with their claims process.

Customers who wish to see Access’s credit ranking need to wait for A.M. Best. Currently, there is no A.M. Best review for Access. This leaves customers blind to the insurance company’s credit rating. Customers should be concerned with their credit rating because it shows the company’s ability to pay for claims. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Clearsurance reports that Access has 3.2 out of 5 stars. Much like the Better Business Bureau, there are few customer reviews on Clearsurance. 

Some unsatisfied customers have trouble getting in touch with a representative. Other customers are unsatisfied with the small area that Access covers. 

Satisfied customers are happy with the insurance company’s website. Their extremely competitive rates attract tons of customers in the small area that the company covers.


  • Extremely affordable rates
  • Includes comprehensive and collision with their liability
  • Insures high-risk drivers


  • Difficulty being informed on company practices
  • Very few online reviews
  • Only covers two areas: Arizona and Indiana