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Acuity Car Insurance Review

Acuity insures over 250,000 vehicles in the United States. The company was founded in 1925, and it is located in Wisconsin. They have $4 billion in policyholder assets, which they use to create an excellent experience for their customers. Acuity insures most states in the midwest and northeast states, but they do not cover far western or southeastern states.

According to their site, they answer 93% of phone calls in 16 seconds or less. Their site also claims to have a 95% customer claims satisfaction rating. Acuity’s goal is to be informative and easy to use. They pride themselves on having “world-class customer service”. 

Acuity makes their website incredibly informative. They have a blog filled with news and information on insurance. The company allows online quotes, and they train their staff to answer questions with ease. Some parts of their site target veterans and truckers and those policyholders make up a huge part of their customer base. 

Car Coverage

Acuity offers essential coverage as a basic package. This includes liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, and personal injury protection. Their uninsured motorist coverage bridges the gap for other drivers with little or no liability insurance.

The insurance company’s liability coverage includes bodily injury and property damage. Customers may choose to be fully insured with their other types of coverage. 

Their medical payment insurance covers the customer and their passengers. This eliminates any legal complications for the customer. Medical payments are covered regardless of who is at fault.

Unique Types of Coverage

A unique type of coverage from Acuity includes their vehicle replacement coverage. This type of insurance covers 25% above the cost of the car. If there is a total loss, vehicle replacement coverage gives a nice extra payment, and that can be used to purchase another vehicle. 

Another unique type of coverage is Acuity’s personal auto enhancements. This is an umbrella type of coverage that handles multiple situations. Customers may receive a key and lock replacement in the event of lost or stolen keys. If the customer needs a car rental, it is covered under their personal auto enhancements. The coverage also includes emergency lodging and pet insurance.

A.M. Best Review

Acuity received an A+ review from A.M. Best. This puts their finances at the top of the charts, and they are able to pay customer claims easily. The company is financially stable and trustworthy, and they exhibit good business practices. 

Currently, Acuity’s business practices seem to be working. Their enterprise risk management team works excellently towards balancing finances. They have no significant lawsuits to damage their credit, and they are known for paying the money that they owe.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau states that Acuity practices good business. The review company opened a file for Acuity in 1958, and the insurance company kept a good rating since then. The insurance company has an A+ from the review company, and they have 4.1 out of 5 stars from customers. Most of the customers are happy, and most complaints from customers are quickly resolved. 

Out of 95 customer reviews, most of them are satisfied. Acuity has an account with the Better Business Bureau, and they dedicate themselves to solving customer complaints. Acuity keeps their good ratings from good business practices and willingness to solve customer complaints.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Acuity received a 3.7 out of 5 stars from Clearsurance. The company currently answers customer complaints through the Clearsurance site. Acuity responds to positive and negative reviews, and they often try to solve customer complaints. Around 73% of their reviews are positive, and 15% are negative.

The majority of Acuity’s reviews are positive. Satisfied customers report a smooth claims process with Acuity. They state that the company is “stress-free”, and filing a claim with them is easy. Once a claim is filed, customers report that Acuity is quick to respond to a claim.

Unhappy customers report some unpaid claims. These customers say that, even with an accident not being their fault, the claims process was difficult. Also, Acuity seems to have hidden fees, and hidden fees often lead to unsatisfied customers. The most unsatisfied customers are unhappy with Acuity’s billing fluctuations. They seem to raise their prices often, even with a clean driving record.

Pros & Cons


  • High-ranking reviews on A.M. Best and BBB
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-use and informative website
  • Some customers report a smooth claims process
  • “Stress-free” company practices


  • Every so often, unpaid claims surface
  • Consistently raise rates
  • Hidden fees