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AgWorkers Car Insurance Review

AgWorkers focuses on family-friendly insurance for farmers. They encourage agricultural workers and their families to open a policy with them. The company was founded in 1948, which is when they started writing policies and paying dividends. Policyholders who are with the company for over 12 months receive 17% in dividends, equaling a free month of insurance.

AgWorkers is a successful mutual insurance company. This means that all of their customers own a share of their company. When the company profits, customers are entitled to a share of their money. Long-term customers may enjoy a steadily decreasing policy with no accidents. 

The insurance company received three awards from different accredited companies. They got the ValChoice award, Best Claims Handling, and Overall Value in Texas. These awards show the company’s willingness to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Their website offers free online quotes and quality information.

Types Of Coverage

The insurance company’s representatives do an amazing job of explaining coverage. Their well-trained employees educate customers and bridge the gap between an uninformed and educated customer. 

AgWorkers encourages enough liability to cover the customer’s assets. For farmers, this may require quite a bit of liability coverage. To combat the higher price, they recommend reducing comprehensive coverage on an owned vehicle or opting for a lower premium.

A unique thing about their liability coverage is that it covers non-owner drivers in an insured vehicle. This protects customers who often give others permission to drive their car. AgWorkers only insures the cost of the vehicle in a non-owner case. Their medical bills are not covered.

The company also bundles bodily injury and property damage within their liability coverage. They do not separate the two, saving the customer money in the process. Family members of AgWorkers qualify for their coverage as well, and the company encourages generation-to-generation coverage.

Texas Ags Forum on AgWorkers

There are few review sites on AgWorkers, but their customers on the Texas Ag forum speak well of them. Texas Ags is less of a review site and more of a place to discuss different things pertaining to agriculture in Texas.

Customers seem generally happy with the insurance company’s business practices. They pay claims efficiently and even give extra padding under certain circumstances. Many customers are happy with the company’s dividends. They report having lower premiums every year because of the company’s growing profits. This business practice encourages long-term customers with a high satisfaction rate. 

AgWorkers threatened to cancel one customer’s policy, but after a quick discussion, they decided to put the customer on probation instead. This shows how willing they are to work case-by-case for a secure experience for the customer. Other happy customers had their deductibles waived due to uncontrollable circumstances.

For the few customer complaints that the company received, there are tons of more positive reviews. Most unsatisfied customers wish that the company insured their section of Texas. Also, some customers with high-performance vehicles do not qualify for their insurance. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Through Clearsurance, only seven reviews exist in all for AgWorkers. The company has 2.89 out of 5 stars, and they do not have an account with Clearsurance. This means that they are unable to answer customer complaints, but the volume may be too low for them to spend their time on it.

The unhappy customers report that the company is slow to answer claims. Their claims agents were slow to arrive at the scene, which caused some discrepancies in services. Other customers seem frustrated because the company failed to pay a claim for them. 

There are other minor complaints. These complaints include the company being hard to get ahold of on weekends or take too much time to send inspectors. There are very few, if any, major customer complaints that are unanswered with Agricultural Workers Mutual.

Happier customers report that the company has excellent rates. This statement is backed up by the company’s profits and willingness to pay 17% to 12-month policyholders. Satisfied customers report happiness with their easy claims process, and the company was prompt with filing their claim.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent business practices
  • Focuses on customer satisfaction
  • Family-oriented
  • Informative and well-trained staff
  • Personalized agents
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Very few, if any cons


  • Only based in the state of Texas
  • Does not insure high-performance vehicles