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NJM Car Insurance Review

NJM Insurance has a headquarters in Mercer County, New Jersey. The company owns a subsidiary with New Jersey Casualty Insurance Co. They are one of the leading car insurance providers in the Mid-Atlantic area. Currently, they only insure Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

NJM has a diverse and easy-to-use website. They claim to be committed to customer satisfaction, and this shows on their website. Their website offers an informative blog about company news and updated policies. The blog updates NJM’s customers on current insurance events and changes within the company. Keeping customers informed is how they keep their customer service afloat, and the insurance company relies on those satisfied customers.

The company was founded in 1913, and it offers other types of services on top of car insurance. These services include home insurance, workers compensation, renters insurance, and umbrella insurance. Working with NJM Insurance keeps the policyholder fully covered in all aspects of life.

Car Coverage

NJM keeps their quoting process transparent. They give a simple how-to guide on filing a claim through them. 

Customers must know their insurance policy number and provide some information about themselves. The company encourages customers to take a photo of the vehicle with the date and time attached. With this information, they can take advantage of NJM’s 24/7 claims filing process through their designated phone number.

NJM wants to keep it convenient. They offer reimbursement for car rentals and a diverse amount of coverage. On top of liability, customers may take advantage of their collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage. This full scope of coverage gives customers the opportunity to be fully covered in the event of an accident.

J.D. Power Review

NJM received an Auto Claims Certification in 2019 from J.D. Power. This backs up the company’s claim toward top customer satisfaction. According to them, they provide “an outstanding claims experience”, and it shows in their customer reviews. The company is on its policyholders’ side by guiding them through the claims process and informing them of any changes.

The company has held a 5-star claims process over the last two years. Customers are highly satisfied with their claims filing process. This is mostly due to the easy claims filing and quick reactions from the company. All the customer has to do is call or file online, and they receive 24/7 care from the insurance company.

NJM’s claims agents are astounding. Their well-trained agents do not leave customers hanging after an accident. The company is well-known for paying its claims, and their customer service representatives are accessible in case of any questions.

A.M. Best Review

NJM Insurance received an A+ rating from A.M. Best. This puts them in a superior position above other insurance companies. The company is financially stable, and they exhibit good business practices. They are known for paying their claims, and customers are in safe hands with them. 

The combination of good financials and good customer service puts NJM at the top. Only 11.9% of insurance companies share an A+ rating with NJM. In general, customers trust NJM to handle their claims efficiently and with no shady business practices.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

NJM Insurance received a 4.71 out of 5 from Clearsurance customer reviews. This is an outstanding ratio that is hardly matched by any other insurance company. A huge amount of customers are highly satisfied with the company’s practices. 

About 94% of customers gave NJM an outstanding review, and only 4% of reviews are below average. The below average reviews are so miniscule that the positive reviews completely overwhelm them.

NJM has an account on Clearsurance, and they often engage customers on the site. The insurance company engages whether customers are satisfied or unsatisfied, and any complaints are promptly answered by the company. An account with review sites such as Clearsurance is an example of good customer service practices.

Customers are happy with the claims filing process, their informative website, and their customer service. They state that their claims were taken care of promptly, and customers received fair payment after their accident. The company’s rates are unmatched, according to most happy customers. Even drivers who were hit by an NJM customer acknowledge the company’s outstanding business practices.

Next to no customer reviews consisted of unsatisfied customers. Only .04% of customer reviews were poor, and another .04% considered NJM to be below average. It was hard to find anything wrong with the company’s practices.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent claims handling
  • Friendly agents
  • Informative website


  • Only based in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania