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Nationwide Auto Insurance Company was founded in 1925, and like many of the most mature auto insurance companies in the country, the company targeted farmers. Within a decade, Nationwide became a household name and began expanding their product offerings to target all drivers in the United States. Now, with more than $158 billion in assets and millions of policyholders, Nationwide ranks 5th on the list of auto insurance companies with the most-satisfied customers and continues to expand in the property and casualty arena. If you are trying to find the best insurance company, read on and learn more about Nationwide On Your Side service and what makes the carrier unique.

Is Nationwide a Financially Stable Company?

Nationwide Auto Insurance Company is a mutual company where policyholders are members who own shares by purchasing insurance. When you buy auto insurance with a mutual company, it is extremely important to gather information about the company’s financial strength and credit ratings. Fortunately, there are several different consumer ratings bureaus that review and analyze financial records of insurance companies to assess the company’s stability. A.M. Best is a rating bureau that is credible and unbiased. The A.M. Best financial strength rating of Nationwide is an A+, showing that financially the company is superior. What this translates into peace of mind for members and policyholders.

What Sets Nationwide Apart From Other Auto Insurance Carriers?

When you buy auto insurance, you know you are buying the coverage that is detailed on your quote, but are you getting any other value from the company. Drivers never want to be put in a situation where they must call their agent to file their claim, but if a driver must do so, it is best to have a company that helps. With On Your Side Claims service, Nationwide will connect you with a repair shop and write you a guarantee for the work that is done. This On Your Side service guarantee is obviously successful, because the company has a 95% member satisfaction ranking.

If you are looking for affordable auto insurance premiums, excellent customer service, and fair claims processing, Nationwide could be the company to have on your side, as the slogan goes. Take your time to compare the cost of insurance with several different carriers, and choose a premier company offering bargain-priced coverage. Once you retrieve a quote, you can see if Nationwide is calculating rates that target customers like you.