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Progressive Auto Insurance Company was founded in 1937, and has grown to become a leader in the car insurance industry. As the company’s name would suggest, Progressive has always remained a step ahead of other competing companies by offering unique services like the drive-in claims center or the computerized tracking Snapshot program to offer drivers personalized auto insurance rates. With a recognizable brand and a positive reputation in the industry, Progressive is a great choice for a wide range of different drivers with registered vehicles throughout the nation.

A Financially Stable Company That Offers Value

One of the first things all consumers should consider when choosing an auto insurance company is the company’s financial stability. If a company is not financially stable, there is a chance the company will not have the funds necessary to cover potential claims. Financial ratings are public record, and there are consumer ratings bureaus that assign letter grades to every company licensed to do business in the United States. A.M. Best, a very respected agency that oversees financial strength of companies in the industry, has assigned Progressive Insurance Group an A+ in Financial Strength. This is a superior ranking that means that the company has a positive and stable outlook.

Claims Processing and Customer Service

Progressive Auto Insurance Company currently possesses 8.12% of the market share, and is ranked as number 4 as US auto insurers. As the 4th most popular insurer in the United States, the company is dedicated to offering customer-friendly product and service offerings that make buying and changing auto insurance policies convenient. One of these such offerings is concierge service, where policyholders with claims can drop their vehicle off for repairs at a claims center where the company will handle all of the repairs. The company is also dedicated to offering convenient contact methods, from online chat software to the toll-free service center.

Progressive once targeted individuals with poor driving records who were shunned by insurers, and now targets all drivers throughout the nation regardless of their records. If you are looking for a company with unique service offerings, a stable financial record, and several different product offerings, Progressive could be a good choice for you. With a large customer base and the new Snapshot program being launched, drivers who want personalized rates from a trusted insurer are buying insurance from this direct insurer. See if Progressive offers you the most competitive rates, and retrieve a personalized quote today.