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Infographic: 6 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

If you are looking for cheap car insurance, this infographic provides 6 simple ways to lower your auto insurance premiums. It also shows which 10 states are the cheapest when it comes to vehicle insurance and which 10 states are the most expensive.

It is important to remember that one single most powerful way of obtaining affordable car insurance is comparing free quotes. Shopping around remains a single most powerful strategy when it comes to finding the cheapest deal. helps you compare quotes faster. Enter your Zip Code and start comparing rates from the top insurers in your area.

6 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

When considering auto insurance, it’s important to carefully weigh your options. A recent infographic released by highlights the following key auto insurance pointers to consider for you first-timers!

When it comes to auto insurance, it’s important to have all of your insurance in one place. As a rule of thumb, the more types of policies you have with one company, the more savings they offer. Also keep in mind that low-risk and low-profile vehicles cost less to insure, and safer cars can save you money!

Additionally, a link has been established between higher credit scores and lower insurance payments! Research shows a positive correlation between credit scores, and how likely you are to file a claim. A better credit score could mean a reduction in insurance payments.

To quench a longstanding myth, car color is not really a factor. 25 percent of people mistakenly believe that the color of your car affects the price of your insurance; however, it does not! You gotta shop around! Insurance companies now use a long list of criteria to determine what your rate will be.  It is worth your time to check annually if there is a better deal from a competitor.

Paying by the month can include additional administrative fees, and when you pay up your full amount for six months you can save a substantial amount versus paying in installments each month. (As a tip, when switching to a new car insurance you must cancel your old policy in order to protect your credit.)

Where does your state rank for cost-effective car insurance? Good ole’ New Jersey takes the cake as the most expensive state for auto insurance, with average expenditures at $1,157.30. Following suit are the next nine states: District of Columbia, $1,133.87; Louisiana, $1,121.46; New York; $1,078.88; Florida, $1,036.76; Delaware, $1,030.98; Rhode Island, $984.95; Connecticut, $965.22; Maryland, $947.70; Michigan, $934.60.

Want cheaper auto insurance? Head to South Dakota for the lowest costs in the country, estimated at $525.16. The remaining nine cheapest states are: North Dakota, at $528.81; Iowa, $546.59; Idaho, $547.78; Maine, $582.29; Nebraska, $592.69; North Carolina; $599.90; Wiscosin, $613.37; Ohio, $619.46; Wyoming, $621.08.