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Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Massachusetts car insurance laws require a vehicle owner to carry liability and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in order to register their vehicle for use on the roads. Massachusetts drivers that want to compare their auto insurance in MA may use the comparison tool on this page. All they need to do is enter their Zip code in order to receive Massachusetts auto insurance quotes. It is a good idea to check quotes regularly, and an online tool is the fastest way to get quotes.

The liability limits in Massachusetts are relatively low, which means drivers who are involved in an accident where the damages exceed their coverage will be required to pay the difference out of their pockets. The liability limits are 20/40/5. This means that there is a limit of $20,000 for injury or death to one person, $40,000 for injury or death for more than two people and a $5,000 limit for property damage. The $5,000 in property damage can be exceeded when another car is involved.

The state requirement for PIP is $8,000. A PIP policy in a no-fault state like Massachusetts is coverage that can be used to pay for the driver’s medical expenses, lost wages or any expense that may arise from an accident. It does not matter who is at fault. A trip to an emergency room with minor injuries can exceed the $8,000 in a hurry, especially if the accident occurs in the Boston area where rates are high. Additionally, this coverage is designed to cover other medical expenses, like soft tissue damage or other lingering injuries because of the accident.

A driver with the minimum requirements in Massachusetts will need to carry additional comprehensive and collision insurance if they wish to repair their vehicle after an accident. The liability and PIP do not cover damages to an at-fault driver’s vehicle. A comprehensive and collision insurance policy can be added to an existing policy while still maintaining cheap car insurance in MA. It is less expensive to carry insurance than it is to pay for car repairs out-of-pocket.

Massachusetts has a Safe Driver Insurance Plan that allows insurance companies to write a lower rate on premiums for drivers with a clean driving record. Likewise, any driver with at-fault accidents and tickets will pay a higher premium.

The state of Massachusetts requires all drivers to carry proof of insurance with them when they are operating a vehicle. They must be able to give this information to any law enforcement officer when asked. If a driver is found to be driving without insurance, they may be subject to fines, suspensions and revocations of their license or registration. Repeat offenders may find penalties will be higher than those guilty of a first offense.

While all drivers are required to carry insurance, if for some reason they are unable to obtain insurance through normal means, the state has a program for them. The Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP) will assign an insurance company to provide coverage for the driver. This is an expensive insurance plan, but it provides insurance for drivers who are unable to get their own coverage.