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North Carolina Auto Insurance

Any men and women who wish to drive in the state of North Carolina will need to be able to find car insurance. When it is time for you to look for cheap North Carolina car insurance, it is possible for you to use our website to compare car insurance quotes in NC. You only need to enter your zip code at the top of the webpage. The state of North Carolina began the act of registering any NC motor vehicles in 1909. However, as the growing amount of vehicles on North Carolina roads increased, the number of uninsured drivers and various car accidents increased as well. In 1957, North Carolina passed various laws that made car insurance mandatory.

Maintaining Car Insurance in North Carolina

All of your vehicles in North Carolina have to be covered by the state’s minimum levels of liability car insurance. In order to register in a vehicle you must provide proof of your coverage. In addition, your North Carolina car insurance has to be up to date. If you do not maintain your car insurance, the state laws require you to surrender your vehicle’s registration date.

North Carolina insurance companies are required to let the NC Division of Motor Vehicles about any policy termination. Men and women who own vehicles are required to reinstate their auto insurance in NC within ten days. If car insurance is not obtained, the plates must be given to the Division of Motor Vehicles within ten days. This is from the date that the notification of the terminated policy took place. Penalty fees will be charged if neither action is taken.

Liability Insurance Laws in North Carolina

Liability insurance is divided into two sections. This type of insurance includes coverage for property damage and personal injury coverage. While it is possible for you to find cheap car insurance in NC, there are a few different minimum insurance coverage requirements that the state of North Carolina has set for drivers. For example, the minimum amount of personal injury coverage that you have to have on your policy is around $30,000 for an accident involving a single person. The minimum amount of personal injury coverage that you have to have for an accident involving multiple people is around $60,000. The minimum amount of property damage coverage that you have to have on your policy is around $25,000.

Underinsured Motorists Coverage and Uninsured Motorists Coverage in NC

Every licensed driver in North Carolina has to have underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Both of these policies are designed to provide personal injury coverage. The limits have to be equal to the largest liability limit of any policy involved in the accident. It is possible to obtain North Carolina auto insurance quotes for both types of policies.

Uninsured motorist coverage provides property damage and personal injury coverage if the car accident was caused by someone who did not have insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage provides coverage for personal injury costs that have exceeded the liable driver’s insurance policy. It does not provide coverage for property damage.