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Ohio Auto Insurance

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When looking for car insurance in OH, there are many different things to look for and consider. When buying a car insurance policy, it can be important to remember that the requirements for Ohio car insurance include Bodily Injury Liability Coverage of $12,500 for each person that is injured in an accident and at least $25,000 total coverage for everyone that is injured in an accident.

In addition to the minimum requirements for Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, a driver in Ohio must have a minimum Property Damage Liability Coverage of $7,500 for the destruction of a person’s property in an accident.

Getting More Than The Minimum Ohio Car Insurance

While there are minimum insurance requirements that a person must have in order to drive a car in Ohio, it’s very important to get an insurance policy that covers more than the minimum requirements.

Sometimes, a person’s medical bills after a car accident can easily exceed $50,000, and if a person only has insurance that fulfills the minimum requirements, they would have to pay $37,500 out of their pocket for a person’s injuries if they indeed have $50,000 in medical bills.

Clearly, an accident can get expensive very quickly, and by having great insurance, a person can ensure that they are well-covered in any situation.

Insuring A Vehicle in OH

While it is not required to insure a vehicle in Ohio, it is usually a good idea to insure a vehicle. When looking for Ohio auto insurance quotes, find out how much insurance on a certain vehicle will cost. By filling out some basic information about the vehicle, a person can usually get a quote to insure their vehicle very quickly.

If a vehicle is very old and not worth much money, insuring it may not be a good idea. The reason for this is simple; a vehicle that may only be worth a couple hundred dollars would not provide the policy holder with more than a few hundred dollars if it was ever totaled, and the policy holder would likely pay more than that over the course of a year in insurance rates.

In contrast, it’s a great idea to insure any vehicle that’s worth over $1,500. If a vehicle that is worth more than $1,500 if totaled, the insurance policy holder will likely get a nice sum of money for the vehicle from the insurance company.

Getting A Free Quote Online

When looking for cheap car insurance in OH, getting a free auto insurance quote online can help a person get the best policy with excellent rates.

A person can fully customize their prospective Ohio car insurance policy online, and they can find out exactly how much the policy will cost with certain deductibles and for certain vehicles.

Many times, an Ohio auto insurance provider will give a person an insurance quote instantly after they fill out a quick online form for a free auto insurance quote.