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Oregon Auto Insurance

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When looking for Oregon car insurance and choosing an insurance policy, there are many things to consider. It’s important to consider the minimum auto insurance requirements in Oregon in order to ensure that a person’s insurance policy meets and exceeds the minimum requirements.

In Oregon, a person must have Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage of at least $25,000 per person who is injured in an accident, and a person must have Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage of at least $50,000 for multiple people who are injured in an accident.

In addition to the minimum requirements for Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage, a person must have Property Damage Liability, or “PDL”, insurance coverage of at least $20,000 for an accident.

In Oregon, a person is also required to insure themselves with at least $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage, and they must have Bodily Injury Liability insurance coverage for uninsured motorists.

Making Sure A Person Has Insurance

Every year, the DMV in Oregon randomly checks insurance coverage for certain vehicles and certain drivers. These random checks are done in order to ensure that all drivers in Oregon have auto insurance, and the DMV will verify the insurance that a person has on file with the insurance company that is listed.

Selecting Deductibles For An Insurance Policy

When getting auto insurance in OR, it’s important to consider the collision and comprehensive deductibles that a person wants for each of their vehicles. Lower deductibles will offer more financial protection if an accident occurs; however, lower deductibles for comprehensive and especially for collision insurance can significantly raise a person’s insurance rates.

Higher deductibles may not offer as much financial protection if an accident happens; however, they can significantly lower a person’s insurance rates.

Special Deals And Discounts

Many insurance companies offer special deals and discounts in Oregon. Some insurance providers offer discounts for being a safe driver, or they offer discounts for having multiple vehicles and multiple drivers on one insurance policy.

Getting Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

An effective way to find cheap auto insurance in Oregon is to get free auto insurance quotes. Obtaining an auto insurance quote is usually fast and easy, and simply by answering a few questions, a person can get a free car insurance quote from most insurance companies.

A person can also get car insurance quotes online, and it usually only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the online form in order to get an auto insurance quote. When getting an online quote, a person can easily customize their prospective auto insurance policy, so they can find out exactly how much their car insurance policy may cost with all of the coverages and features that they would like.

There are many things to consider when looking for auto insurance in Oregon. Some of these include the minimum insurance requirements in Oregon, knowing that the DMV in Oregon randomly verifies that certain people have auto insurance throughout the year, selecting deductibles for an insurance policy, finding special deals and discounts and getting free Oregon auto insurance quotes.