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21st Century Car Insurance Review

Founded in 1958, 21st Century car insurance is much younger compared to other leading insurance providers. With benefits specific to the state of California, 21st Century prioritizes “bare-bones” coverage to save customers money. Because the company is state-specific, it saves customers money that would otherwise be spent on nationwide coverage.

21st Century offers the basics, including safe driver discounts, online quotes, and good customer service. Their website is incredibly informative. They keep almost all of their policies and discounts transparent. The insurance company wants customers to be completely informed before making a decision.

California Discount

For California residents, 21st Century gives the best discounts. Their good student discount gives younger drivers the opportunity at a lower premium. The company’s mature driver discount lets experienced, accident-free drivers enjoy lower rates. Having multiple cars makes customers eligible for hefty savings. Installing anti-theft protection to customer’s cars lets them enjoy another good discount.

This insurance company strongly discourages distracted driving. They offer good information on their website for good driving habits. 21st Century keeps their customers informed, and their policies are completely transparent. They automatically include discounts while purchasing a policy.

21st Century is available for emergency breakdowns from 9 AM to 8 PM EST. This is covered by their auto mechanical breakdown insurance. Not only do they offer roadside assistance, but they repair important parts as well. They work through Interstate National Dealer Services to give customers peace of mind.

Standard & Poor Review

Standard & Poor rates 21st Century highly. They were given an A+ rating for giving Farmers Insurance $10 billion in yearly premiums. The review company commends them for discounting almost every available policy while also creating so much net worth. Customers easily qualify for at least one discount because there are so many.

Bankrate’s Review

To Bankrate, 21st Century is known for its fast claim and repair process. Customers seem happy with how quickly they get their cars back. The insurance company only offers liability, collision, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive coverage. It may do this to ease its workload and focus on customers.

Bankrate acknowledges that most customers are eligible for a discount. 21st Century focuses on those discounts to bring loyal customers. Many customers do not even have to search for a discount. They are automatically applied at the time of purchase.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Some customers seem unhappy with 21st Century’s face value rates. If a customer is ineligible for any discounts, then their premium will be above average. The insurance company effectively beats the California average, however. 

21st Century’s claim turnaround is fast. When a customer files a claim, they seem to be above average in handling it. Their average to below average reviews reach 17% in dissatisfaction. 

Pros & Cons


  • Discounts apply to almost everyone
  • Quick claims process
  • Premiums beat the California average
  • Excellent and informative website


  • California based and focused
  • Below average customer service