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Allstate Car Insurance Review

After being founded in 1931, Allstate quickly dedicated itself to serving the community. The company advertises itself to “be committed to more than insurance”. The company’s employees participate in youth services, domestic violence relief, the YMCA, and a giant amount of other charitable causes. 

Allstate’s goal is to gain the trust of the community. The Allstate Foundation is their charity organization. The purpose of the foundation is to stretch Allstate’s hands into needy parts of local communities. 

Different Types of Coverage at Allstate

Drivewise is Allstate’s way of tracking their customer’s driving habits. Safe drivers receive a discount and tips for better driving. The insurance company encourages this app for young drivers. The safest drivers get cashback after their first 50 trips. 

Another unique coverage is their sound system coverage. Stolen or damaged radios and speakers are fully covered. 

Special Discounts

A teen discount is Allstate’s most solid offer. An unmarried young adult under the age of 25 qualifies. Full-time students with good grades receive a good student discount. Completing the teenSMART program makes teens even more eligible. Allstate also recommends purchasing accident forgiveness for teens.

Cars less than a year old are eligible for up to 15% off. Installing anti-theft and anti-lock technology gives customers a 10% discount. Allstate has a partnership with TrueCar to make buying a new car through them pain-free. 

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage insures an at-fault accident. Allstate’s policy covers the death of the other driver, legal fees, and lost wages. Their liability coverage applies to most factors in an accident, but it does not include the at-fault customer.

For customers to protect themselves, consider opting into Allstate’s personal umbrella coverage. They pay for an attorney and cover lost wages from court. The personal umbrella policy even covers claims outside of the country.

Allstate encourages enough personal umbrella coverage to insure all of the customer’s assets. In the event of a sticky lawsuit, Allstate will protect every piece of their customer’s property. Their umbrella coverage reaches up to $5 million.

J.D. Power Review

J.D. Power’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study found Allstate to be average. Customers find Allstate to be not particularly good or bad. The same goes for Allstate’s car insurance shopping experience. This includes the estimates, the repairs, claims services, and the eventual settlement. 

A.M. Best Review

A.M. Best considers Allstate to be superior. Their financial stability reaches above average. When compared to other insurance companies, Allstate is on solid ground. The insurance company’s high earnings keep it afloat.

Allstate’s expense management team effectively balances policies and company costs. Their ability to effectively predict risks prevents significant losses. Their management team follows new crazes and efficiently adapts the company. 

The insurance company increases its deductibles in disaster-prone areas. This protects their financial stability. The company receives a small dip around natural disasters, but their risk-management team handles it well.

NerdWallet Review

NerdWallet commends Allstate on its below-average complaints for the size of the company. Their quick adaptation to rideshare coverage keeps them above most competitors. Allstate’s safe driving bonus and deductible rewards keep customers happy.

Allstate rewards accident-free and long-term customers. They offer pay-per-use roadside assistance to save customers more money. When customers purchase a brand new car, it is fully protected from totaling costs for up to two years.

Their rideshare coverage protects workers from legal fees. An accident with rideshare passengers in the backseat gets expensive quickly. The rideshare insurance kicks in as soon as rideshare passengers enter the vehicle.

Allstate has an easily navigable website and mobile app. The mobile app takes claims, allows payments, and helps with roadside assistance. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Customers consider Allstate’s policies to be a bit above average. Around 80% of Allstate’s customers would renew their policy, and 78% of customers would recommend Allstate to a friend. 

Around 17% of customers consider Allstate to be average or below average. Their insurance premiums are above the national average. Customers must fork a few extra hundred dollars over to get services from Allstate.

Customers enjoy Allstate’s discounts. They happily install alarms and anti-lock brakes for a 20% discount. Teen drivers pay less overall than with other insurance companies. 

Some customers are unhappy with Allstate’s premiums after an accident or a claim. Other customers do not enjoy Allstate’s steadily climbing premiums over the years. Allstate could use some improvement in internal communication and customer service. 

In Conclusion: Pros & Cons


  • Offers tons of discount opportunities
  • Prioritizes discounts for teen drivers
  • Pay-per-service roadside assistance
  • Services the community through charity
  • Safe driving bonus check
  • Drivewise


  • Premiums are sky-high without a discount
  • Premiums skyrocket without accident forgiveness
  • Average customer service