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Auto-Owners Car Insurance Review

Auto-Owners presents a unique way to cover customers. They collect policyholders through independent agents, and those independent agents offer customer-specific policies. Founded in 1916, Auto-Owners offers community-based business practices. 

A local, independent agent easily gains the trust of customers. Having policy-specific agents decreases Auto-Owners’ workload and boosts customer service. Hiring local agents eliminates the cost of maintaining a nationwide business. By saving their company money, they save customers money. 

Rural areas may be at a disadvantage. There are some loopholes with the per-agent insurance, and secluded areas are one of them. While nationwide coverage is available, it may be more difficult to find a local insurance agent in smaller areas. Customers have fewer options in this case.

Because of their local agent practices, Auto-Owners has an excellent website. Customers may file a claim, contact agents, pay their bills and review documents. The website is the foundation of the company, so it is well maintained. However, Auto-Owners relies on direct purchase from the insurance agent, so customers cannot purchase a policy directly from the site.

Different Types of Coverage At Auto-Owners

Auto-Owners offers agent-specific coverage. This means that one customer’s needs might not fit another customer’s needs. It is up to the independent agent to appropriately cover the customer.

Some unique coverage that an agent offers may include diminished value and collision coverage advantage. Customers may discuss unique coverage with an agent. The agent should work with the customer to see if certain coverages fit into their budget.

A totaled vehicle with recent depreciation might leave a customer out of a few thousand dollars. Diminished value protects the reduced value of a vehicle plus repairs. This is good for customers with a loan on the vehicle or a particularly expensive vehicle. 

Collision coverage advantage waives the no-fault driver’s deductible if the other car is insured by Auto-Owners. A customer lucky enough to get hit by an Auto-Owners policyholder pays nothing out of pocket. Collision coverage advantage also insures animal-related collisions with whatever policy pays the customer more. 

Customers with both auto insurance and home insurance by Auto-Owners have another advantage. Auto-Owners’ common loss deductible reduces or waives the customer’s deductible if both the home and car are damaged at the same time. 

Coverage Discounts

Auto-Owners gives customers a wide range of unique discounts. Consecutive, on-time payments of 36 months give customers a huge discount. Opting in for a one-time payment gives customers a full discount for the rest of the policy. Students with good grades save up to 20% on their policy. 

Some of the insurance company’s more common discounts include safety features and multi-car discounts. The independent insurance agents may also find more loopholes for the customer. Relying on local agents cuts costs for Auto-Owners, allowing them to focus on monumental discounts and low premiums.

J.D. Power Review

Customer experience according to J.D. Power is average to above average. Overall customer satisfaction is average. The initial claims reporting process impresses customers, and they consider the experience to be above average. Local agents get customers into rentals and repair cars as quickly as possible. This gives customers an above average experience as well.

Customers consider the insurance shopping process to be overall above average. Talking to an agent in person yields a satisfactory experience. They give the best prices and offer the best policies with only a few better competitors. There is no rating for their website or call center. Neither is important in the insurance buying process.

A.M. Best Review

Auto-Owners yields excellent performance, according to A.M. Best. Their financial stability got an A++. This is probably due to how little spending the company actually does. A true reflection of the company’s financial stability is its ability to outshine competitors for decades. Auto-Owners received top ratings from A.M. Best for the past 48 years. 

The company adapts to new trends quickly. It allows its agents to form lasting customer relationships. Most of its money-saving revolves around that lack of call center or unionized quotes. The company continues to solidify its financial strength year after year.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Most customers express their happiness with Auto-Owners. Some complaints revolve around agents. Some slow claims are truly not the fault of the company as a whole. Customer experience truly revolves around the skills and commitment of the agent. 

In Conclusion: Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper rates due to cut costs
  • Working with a local agent
  • Agent-specific discounted rates
  • Easily get a quote from an agent


  • Unavailable in some areas
  • No online quotes