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Can I File An Insurance Claim If A Bicycle Hits My Car?

Sometimes, you can get into an auto accident while the other person is not driving. A bicyclist hits your car, and they do enough damage to make it significant. The accident was the bicyclist’s fault, so it is their responsibility to pay for the damages to your car. 

On the downside, bicycle accidents are not covered by the bicyclist’s car insurance. A bicyclist hitting your car is not covered by auto insurance. This can be frustrating, especially when you were following the rules on the road. A bicyclist who fails to follow the rules may be found at fault. 

Certain states go by a percentage. To determine who is at fault, they collect information and apply it to a percentage of mistakes. You can be 0% at fault, 100% at fault, or somewhere in between. 

Because there are so many state-to-state laws, you may want to learn your rights. Getting in touch with an attorney ensures that you will not be taken advantage of. Get as much information from the biker as possible. At the least, take their name and phone number.

What Other Options Do I Have?

The damages to your car may be covered by your comprehensive or collision insurance. Since the circumstances were technically out of your control, you have the ability to file your own claim. There are downsides, such as the chance of your premium increasing. You may also feel like since the accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for it.

Some precautions to take include avoiding apologizing or admitting fault. Regardless of who was at fault, an apology complicates the legal process, and you may even be found at fault. Instead, make sure that you and the bicyclist are okay, and begin the process of filing an insurance claim.

The bicyclist’s injuries are typically covered by your car insurance. This is true, even if the bicyclist is considered at fault. Certain state laws require insurance companies to pay for the bicyclist’s injuries. 

Your auto insurance does not have to cover the full extent of their medical expenses. The percentage depends on state laws and the individual case. The bicyclist would have to consult an attorney to determine the path to take against your insurance company.

Look To Homeowners Insurance

Suppose the bicyclist cannot pay for damages out of pocket. Car insurance does not cover the damages, so you may feel out of luck. Even with this knowledge, treat the bicycle accident like a car accident. Take their information, and be sure not to leave the scene until the entire process is finished. 

There are some exceptions to a bicyclist’s lack of insurance, however! A bicyclist may be covered by their homeowners insurance. The homeowners insurance covers your hospital bills, the cost of repairs, and any wages lost because of the accident. Assuming the accident was that serious, you should be completely covered.