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Can You Buy Car Insurance With A Learner’s Permit?

Everyone can remember that first experience driving. For some, it was a magical moment. Something that began a lifetime of adventure and fun. For others, it was a terrifying experience. Everyone can agree that being a new driver is a stressful thing at times. It is exciting to learn how to drive yourself to events, visit friends or go to the store. It is a wonderful little taste of freedom that you get to feel when you start driving. That, of course, is the view from the new driver. Typically, the parents of the new driver are the ones to feel the most anxiety. Your little baby is out there on the big bad roads about to be unleashed. You most certainly will not be handing over any fancy keys to that new driver. You most certainly will not be letting them drive around without proper coverage. This brings up a good question. How do you cover someone who is just learning to drive?

There is a learning period all drivers go through before becoming an official licensed driver. There is school coursework, road practice, and a final test. You cannot get your license, until after you have finished all of your training. Take a few classes, pass a few tests and you are awarded a temporary learning permit. This is a new driver’s official proof of drivers training. There are laws and regulations regarding when, and with whom they may drive with. Remember, that is your little baby out there in the chaos. The driving world is a dangerous place for such a young duckling! It is a scary thought letting the family sedan go down in flames due to not covering those untainted driving hearts. You must make sure that you have the proper coverage on that vehicle. It might seem counter-intuitive to think you could get car insurance when the vehicle is being driven by an unexperienced young member of society. There is hope though for your pride and joy. You can be spared being at a total loss, but you need to pay attention to the details!

What Matters When Insuring New Drivers?

The first thing that matters is age. If the student learning to drive is under 18, then a parent or guardian will likely have to cover them under their policy. This is likely the most economical option, as it is almost always very costly to insure a new driver. Even more so if that new driver is young. The next factor is the vehicle. If your little angels worked summer jobs and saved up their pennies to buy their own car, congratulations! You still might be able to place them under your policy but just adding a vehicle. This is dependent on your insurance company. Insuring their car specifically versus using one of yours, the parents or guardians are still likely going to be responsible for the policy coverage. It also depends on how close the driver is to getting their license. Some companies will only insure new permit drivers by themselves if they are close to passing their training. If the driver is over 21, they are likely driving someone else’s insured vehicle. If this is the case, then the actual vehicle owner’s coverage policy should cover the new driver. 

Putting faith in new driver is not always easy. It is letting go and watching them grow up before your eyes. The best thing you can do is make a phone call to your insurance company before you give them the keys to the family transporter. Each company has specific policies regarding newly permitted drivers. You do not want to assume that your new driver will be covered under your policy or your vehicle. Do not make a rookie mistake and forget to check your blind spot.