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Does Child Support Cover Car Insurance?

Child support is something that can get very technical and legal. Both parents have a responsibility to contribute financially to their child or children. Children are not cheap at any age from newborn up until they are 18, and both parents have responsibilities that come with having a kid. Child support is basically to assist children under 18 and gives financial assistance to the parent taking care of them, but what can be claimed for child support? Obvious things such as food and clothing are things that will be required, but auto insurance? You do have to drive your child around, and that is a very valid question.

Child support is usually adjusted by the courts. Depending on the situation, the courts do compose which parent keeps the children and the other will pay child support to assist that parent financially with the children. Car insurance is typically not one of those things. When you drive your children around it is easy to get caught up in saying that you pay auto insurance premiums for your kids and demand it gets covered in child support. The truth is that your vehicle might be used for that, but you also use your car for personal use. This is not something that will be included in child support. If you do intend to claim auto insurance as child support, these are typically an add-on, where a court can readjust child support. This will require to go to court and prove your case in front of a judge.

Your Kid Can Drive, Now What?

Once your children can legally drive, this can complicate things for both parents. In this situation, the child that can now drive and gets their driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle, expenses will incur. Other than purchasing a vehicle for your children, they will require auto insurance if they want to drive legally with their new vehicle. We have all been first-time drivers at some point in our life, and, even if you know very little about auto insurance, you know it can be expensive. Auto insurance is more expensive when you have no driver’s history and are under the age of 18. The reason for that is that teenagers are typically less responsible than an adult, and they are a greater risk for the insurance company to insure. Your insurance company always weighs the possible risks it will take if they insure you, and insuring a teenager is something they want to be compensated for.

Regarding child support, this is considered an add-on to the original child support you are getting. Obviously, in this situation, you hope that both parents will contribute equally. Having your child drive themselves is convenient for both parents. You don’t have to pick up or drop them off for school, activities, or from their friend’s house. They might even get a job to support themselves. These things are all nice, but someone does have to pay for this. As parents, that is something that will have to be decided between themselves. Having a car and car insurance are not necessities. This is considered a luxury and should be paid for if it is affordable.

Final Thoughts 

As parents, you will have to make some tough decisions when it comes to your children’s finances. It makes it harder when both are parents are separated. Always remember to consider all possible finances and what will be in the best interest of your children. The more you discuss it, the less it becomes a problem and you will have time to come to some sort of agreement.