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Which Type Of Car Insurance Provides You With Coverage If You Suffer From Theft Or Natural Disaster?

Some events are outside of your control. Damage could happen to your car, even without driving it. Sudden weather or natural disasters are far from your control, but they still happen. A flash flood might be the last thing on your mind when you park your car on the side of the road. Once it is there, it is too late, and you want to be fully covered.

You need comprehensive coverage to protect you from theft or natural disasters. Other types of comprehensive coverage also include random accidents outside of your control, also known as “acts of God”. 

Get comprehensive coverage before the natural disaster is predicted. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, purchase coverage before the hurricane season. The same applies to tornadoes. Most insurance companies do not allow last-minute purchases. Once the disaster is predicted on the news, you may not be able to purchase the coverage.

How Do I Know If A Natural Disaster Is Covered?

Comprehensive coverage insures incidents outside of your control. It does not cover cases of negligence. You cannot purposefully drive through a flash flood and then claim comprehensive coverage. Usually, your car must be parked in a generally safe fashion for comprehensive coverage to apply.

Purchasing comprehensive coverage before a natural disaster insures your car. You will receive compensation for any damages during a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. While living in a disaster-prone area, it is recommended to have coverage for these disasters.

The tricky thing about comprehensive coverage is that it is situational. Tornado damage, flood damage, theft coverage, tree coverage, and other types of coverage are all separate. You have to purchase each individual bit of coverage.

Do I Have To Buy Full Comprehensive Coverage To Cover Theft Or Natural Disasters?

You can get around this trickiness by either buying all types of comprehensive coverage or determining which are more likely to occur in your are. Getting hurricane coverage is reasonable if you live in Florida. Buying tree coverage might not be reasonable if you live in flatlands. The type of coverage that you need is situational, and only you can know what is best.

Keep in mind that not being covered under certain types of comprehensive coverage leaves you vulnerable. You may feel like you do not need it, but there may come a time when you do. Having to suddenly pay for a broken car window might cost more than just paying for comprehensive coverage. Make sure that you understand the risks if you choose to opt-out. 

Sometimes, full comprehensive coverage is the best way to go. One type of comprehensive coverage may include natural disasters, but that same coverage does not include theft. Full coverage saves you in the event of a theft or vandalism. Natural disasters and vandalism typically go hand in hand, so having both is recommended.