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CSAA Car Insurance Review

Initially founded in 1914, CSAA has been offering insurance products to AAA members through key partnerships with innumerable AAA clubs from coast to coast. They currently serve more than 17 million AAA members and are considered to be one of the top auto insurance groups in the United States.  For more than 90 years, CSAA has been helping customers to make the most of their auto insurance policies. With fair pricing and more than 3,800 employees waiting to assist, this Walnut Creek, CA company strives to offer policies that bring peace of mind. 

What Type Of Coverage Does CSAA Offer? 

CSAA is unique in that only AAA club members are able to buy their vehicle insurance through them. If current members fail to pay membership fees or stay current on their premiums, they will become ineligible for coverage. Generally, membership fees are between $50 and $100 annually. In order to stay on CSAA coverage, you may have to have your car physically inspected by a AAA representative annually. This is to ensure that your vehicle meets AAA standards. 

When it comes to coverage, CSAA is all about complying with the legal guidelines laid out by each individual state. Currently, members of AAA may purchase the following:

  • Liability (property and bodily injury)
  • Comprehensive collision
  • Medical Coverage
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance 24/7 (including locksmith)

Additional add-on coverage options include: 

  • Pet coverage (in the event that a pet is injured or dies due to an accident)
  • OEM exterior repair coverage
  • Gap insurance
  • Custom equipment coverage (applies to any customization on the vehicle)

Each can provide drivers with a low deductible and easy to handle payments that won’t break the bank. Additionally, if a AAA member has an accident involving another AAA member, the typical $250 deductible is waived. With additional discounts, monthly premiums can be kept even lower. 


CSAA is extremely customer-focused, which is why it essentially awards AAA members with insurance that is comprehensive yet full of perks. Some discounts you can enjoy with CSSA include: 

  • Automatic bill pay. Those who sign up for automatic billing will receive a discount from CSAA. 
  • Multi-policy. If you insure both home and auto with CSAA, you are eligible for a multi-policy discount, which could save you up to 15%.  
  • Claim-free driver. Drivers who go claim-free for a certain amount of time are rewarded with a generous discount. 
  • AAA membership. AAA automatically saves money on their CSAA insurance policies. 
  • Car safety features. If your car is equipped with safety features such as side-curtain airbags or anti-theft device, you’ll be eligible for a discount. 
  • Good student. Students with a high-grade point average are awarded with a nice discount from CSAA.

Is CSAA Highly Rated? 

Aside from being highly rated with AAA members, CSAA enjoys an “A+” rating with A.M. Best, the esteemed insurance rating organization. With J.D. Power And Associates, CSAA ranked third in a customer satisfaction survey, putting it well above the average car insurance company in points. Additionally, the Better Business Association has given CSAA a rating of “BBB,” which is the highest possible ranking.

How Do Customers Rate CSAA? 

Given that CSAA policyholders are also AAA members, most view the insurance company through a favorable lens. Reviewers agree that filing a claim is easy and hassle-free. Calls are answered quickly and wait times are low. When a policy needs to be updated, the process is painless, and all parties are left feeling well-informed on changes in both pricing and policy. Customers rave about the CSAA customer service and roadside assistance. In fact, the roadside assistance is so beloved, many AAA members switched from other insurers to enjoy the CSAA perks. Of course, not every customer enjoys a seamless experience. Some customers complain that rates can go up even without having filed a claim or having been involved in an accident. Others hate that membership fees for AAA are expensive and add unnecessary costs to the top of their premiums.

Let’s  break down the pros and cons below: 


  • Easy to use website
  • Excellent roadside assistance
  • Transparent pricing
  • Knowledgable customer service representatives
  • Unique membership discounts
  • AM Best Rating of A+


  • Required to pay an AAA membership fee
  • Drivers with new vehicles may not need roadside assistance
  • Better discounts may be available through other programs
  • Rates can unexpectedly go up annually. 

Overall, CSAA can be a great option if you are already an AAA member or looking for the benefits that both CSAA and AAA can bring. Weigh the pros and cons at hand carefully and decide whether or not the added benefits of CSAA are worth it to you.