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Dairyland Car Insurance Review

Dairyland prides itself on covering customers for an affordable price. The company started in Wisconsin in 1953. The insurance company prides itself in being so young with so much financial strength. Dairyland may also be known as Sentry Insurance. Sentry Insurance acquired Dairyland as a mutual insurer in 1966.

Dairyland tailors its insurance towards specific customers, depending on their industry. With its parent company being founded over 100 years ago, Dairyland holds the crown for incredible financial stability. 

Dairyland Coverage Options

Dairyland offers cheap car insurance. The insurance company also pushes discounts to save customers the most money. Their business model is flexible, and they offer a pay-as-you-go premium payment. 

To tailor to their customers, Dairyland offers 24/7 claims filing. Their scope of insurance coverage is generally limited, but they state that their coverage process is high-quality. 

Liability Coverage

This company’s liability coverage combines bodily injury and property damage. This is their cheapest option, and it is mandatory in most states. To limit the cost of liability coverage, Dairyland offers a multi-car discount.

Non-Owners Insurance

Dairyland offers a special type of coverage. Non-owners insurance applies to borrowed cars that the borrowing driver does not own. It protects the borrower from an at-fault accident in the form of liability coverage. 

Their non-owner coverage applies to customers that do not own a car. If the customer often borrows another person’s car, then they should apply for non-owners insurance. Dairyland does not recommend non-owners insurance for customers who own a car. Regular liability should cover the costs of a borrowed car in that case. 

Non-owners insurance works well for a household. Most insurance companies require all household members to be covered, but this can get expensive. This special insurance coverage keeps everyone insured accurately and more cheaply. 

Different Discounts

A unique discount by Dairyland is their advance-quote discount. Receiving a quote before purchasing coverage gives drivers a discount. Customers who quote with them at least a week in advance get a solid discount from the company. 

Customers also receive discounts, depending on the frequency of their payments. Choosing to opt-in for quarterly payments gives customers a hefty discount. This gives customers a choice with flexible payment options. 

Transferring from one insurance company to Dairyland saves money. Being at the previous insurance company for over six months qualifies you for that discount. They may even cover a gap in insurance, depending on the size. 

WalletHub Reviews

WalletHub states that Dairyland applies to customers with below-average driving records. This could include multiple accidents or a large insurance gap. The insurance company helps drivers get back on their feet by forgiving the past. 

Despite having a policy on forgiving drivers, customers should expect their poor driving records to come with an extreme price tag. Dairyland ranks 46th in the world in insurance pricing. This puts them all the way in last place, having incredibly expensive premiums. 

Overall, the insurance company receives above-average customer complaints. The happiest customers include those with poor driving records who needed insurance. Unhappy customers experience problems with Dairyland’s customer service. Most customers have problems with canceling their policy and claims service.

Poor drivers should expect at least an extra $200 on their premiums. Seeing as most insurance companies raise their premiums to 40-60% for poor drivers, this is below average. Some insurance companies drop coverage for poor drivers altogether, leaving the drivers in difficult situations. 

A.M. Best Review

Despite its open door policy, Dairyland is considered financially stable. A.M. Best rates Dairyland’s financial stability an A+. This may be due to its outrageously high premium average. Its high customer complaint ratio is combated by its willingness to take on poor drivers. 

Drivers with DUI’s, multiple accidents, and a large collection of tickets still qualify for Dairyland’s services. A.M. Best states that this revolving door policy keeps Dairyland afloat. Dairyland seems to gain customers even more quickly than it loses them. 

Clearsurance Reviews

Dairyland responds to some customer reviews on Clearsurance. Around 77% of customer reviews are positive. About 20% of customer reviews are below average, making its customer complaint ratio very high. 

Many customers are happy with just having insurance. They have a high ratio of drivers with poor records, which fits their business model. By charging poor drivers higher rates, they keep their financial stability. However, the company is quick to boost a customer’s premium.

Customers seem unsatisfied with Dairyland’s customer service. Some customers report having unserviced claims despite paying for full coverage. Many decently driving customers are very unhappy with the cost of their premiums. Dairyland models its finances after accounting for poor drivers, so all drivers end up paying. 

Pros & Cons


  • Takes in poor to below average drivers
  • Models its business after an open-door policy with financial stability
  • Flexible with billing


  • Quick to raise their premiums
  • Highest average premiums in comparison to all other leading insurance companies