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Does Car Insurance Cover Engine Repair?

You have a lot of expenses related to your vehicle; it can be nerve-wracking when something goes wrong and you have to pay even more. One of the questions that auto owners frequently have is “Just how much does insurance cover?” 

Figuring it out can be complicated, especially when it comes to engine repairs. In most cases, if the damage to your engine is caused by an accident, your insurance may cover it—depending on its severity and who is at fault for the accident.

Which Types Of Coverage Apply To Engine Damage?

Another pertinent question is what types of coverage your policy has—because not all policies cover all types of damage. For example, basic liability insurance isn’t going to cover any damage to your vehicle, only to another driver’s vehicle, if you cause an accident. That includes damage to your car’s engine. 

If you have comprehensive coverage, your engine damage might be covered under certain circumstances—namely when it is caused by an outside force. For example, your engine might be covered if your car was vandalized in a way that damaged the engine. You might be covered for repairs if your engine was damaged due to flooding, also, or perhaps if a limb fell on your hood resulting in the need for engine repair.

If your engine was damaged due to an accident, that requires an entirely different type of coverage—collision. 

Is Collision/Comprehensive Coverage Worth It?

Is it worth it to buy collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle? That really depends on the value of your car. You see, having these types of insurance can drive up your deductible. That, in turn, can make the costs of repairs unreasonable, if you could replace the value of the car more cheaply.

The Amount Of Damage Matters

Your insurance company isn’t going to simply pay for any and all damage to your engine. They’re going to take into account the costs, as well. Severe engine damage can quickly exceed the value of your vehicle, especially if an engine replacement is warranted. In that case, the insurance company will total your car. Engine damage is one of the deciding factors in estimating car repair costs. 

What About Wear And Tear On My Engine?

Regardless of your policy, your standard car insurance simply does not cover normal wear and tear. If your engine is damaged due to lack of maintenance or suffers mechanical failure for some other reason, it won’t be covered, either. If your engine was damaged due to your failure to do regular oil changes or replace worn out parts, for example, you won’t be covered at all. 

If that damage leads to an accident, your insurance company will investigate. While they may still cover the damage resulting from the accident itself, don’t expect them to cover the costs of repairing your car’s engine. 

Are There Other Options For Coverage? 

Yes, there are additional options. For example, there are insurance providers that offer a special type of coverage called Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. This covers repairs necessary due to mechanical problems. Coverage varies but may include engine, brakes, and transmission, among other mechanical components. 

Another option is to forego the attempt to cover these issues with insurance and instead purchase an extended warranty. This can protect your vehicle for a period of time or up to a specific mileage, often 100,000 miles. Of course, as always, run a cost-benefit analysis when purchasing plans like these to determine if they’re worth it compared to the value of your vehicle. If you have an older vehicle, it may not be.