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Grange Car Insurance Review

Grange Insurance covers customers in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1935, and it is stationed in Columbus, Ohio. 

The company relies on independent agents to insure its 13 states. Their agents handle their claims processes and handle policies. Grange states that, because their agents are independent, they tailor to the customers’ needs by finding better rates. No matter the insurance company, an independent agent shops for the best policies.

The company bases itself on affordable car insurance. Grange uses their independent agents to provide excellent customer service and budget services. The company relies on the convenience of their website and their independent agents to run. Customers file claims, make payments, and receive information completely through their website or independent agents.

Grange Auto Coverage

Grange’s independent agents tailor to the needs of the customer. They find the best recommendations for full coverage. This is good for customers on a budget. Customers who want to avoid the lengthy insurance shopping process get lucky through Grange. 

Grange’s website is readable and convenient. They combine information and encourage customers to call agents for more information. Because no two policies are the same, they do not list details about their policies online. 

Grange’s independent agents offer a wide range of options. For more expensive cars, they might recommend underinsured motorist coverage, gap coverage, and personal umbrella coverage. If you can afford more liability, then personal umbrella coverage is the way to go. Personal umbrella covers millions in property and medical damage in an at-fault accident.

Grange offers a few discounts for customers to ask their agents about. They offer a discount for safe drivers with no recent at-fault accidents or tickets. The insurance company also offers bundled home and auto insurance. Paying in full gets customers a hefty discount on their policy. 

A unique discount from Grange includes its legacy loyalty discount. A parent’s child receives a good discount when they get their own policy with Grange. Some of Grange’s other discounts include electronic payments, good student, and advanced quotes.

J.D. Power Review

Customers’ opinion on Grange depends on the service. J.D. Power states that overall customer satisfaction is average. The policies that they offer and their billing processes are also average. Customers seem satisfied with their prices, ranking them above average. 

Customers seem unsatisfied according to the review from J.D. Power regarding the claims process. Their independent agents may be swamped with too much responsibility. Handling claims and providing new policies to potential customers splits their attention, causing discrepancies in the claims process.

A.M. Best Review

A.M. Best considers Grange to be financially stable. The company owns around $3 billion in assets, and it earns around $1.2 billion per year. Grange is capable of paying its customers claims with few problems. As for their credit rating, Grange received an A+ from A.M. Best. The company is capable of fulfilling its obligations as a top insurance provider. 

Consumer Affairs Reviews

Consumer Affairs commends Grange on its experienced claims process. It states that their local and independent agents create an outstanding network. Also, their unique hybrid vehicle discount presents better savings opportunities for the customer.

Consumer Affairs states that a big con is Grange’s limited coverage. The insurance company only covers 13 states. This leaves out a huge chunk of potential for the company. The review company also says that Grange’s claims process is inconsistent due to its different agents. 

The most satisfied reviewers seem happy with their claims processes. They state that Grange’s coverage and rates for the price beat most competitors. Many satisfied customers state that their independent agents have outstanding customer service. Customers enjoy the personalized experience of having an agent.

Some averagely satisfied customers seem unhappy with the time of the claims process. The time varies, depending on the workload of the independent insurance agent. Some customers are unsatisfied with Grange’s website. Moderately satisfied customers may prefer an online experience, and the experience is not as intuitive as working face-to-face with an agent.

Unsatisfied customers report problems with consistent insurance. One customer’s experience involved an agent failing to insure their car. Grange’s website failed to pass information to their agent, so the car was uninsured for a month. Some very unsatisfied customers report having no help with their insurance claims, unresponsive agents, and having to track agents down during a claims process.

Clearsurance Reviews

Through Clearsurance, customers seem highly satisfied with Grange. The company received a 4.14 out of 5, putting them above average. The insurance company has an account with Clearsurance and actively replies to customer reviews.

Pros & Cons


  • Independent and local agents
  • File claims on their website
  • Old insurance company with decades of experience


  • Backed up claims processes
  • Miscommunication at times