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How To Change Car Insurance When Moving Out Of State?

Moving out of state is already stressful. You have a lot to worry about, and car insurance is included in that package. Update your registration and policy, or at least prepare for in advance. Do your research because auto insurance varies from state to state, depending on the laws. 

Once you contact your insurance company, they will update your policy. Your insurance agent may not have a license for the state you are moving to, so contacting them in advance saves time and frustration. The policy update includes your premium, possibly your deductible, and adheres to any state requirements. The fastest way to change your car insurance is to contact your insurance provider. 

Keeping your insurance company might be convenient, but it could kill your wallet. Another option is to go through a new insurance company. Other insurance companies might have cheaper policies compared to your current auto insurance. 

Look for insurance companies who specialize in the laws of your new state. Get as much information on the new laws as possible. Some insurance companies might offer no-fault discounts. Other insurance companies might give you a discount for liability upon signing with them. 

What Do I Need To Switch My Policy?

If you decide to contact your insurance provider, you may not need much to prepare in advance. Your new address is required to effectively change your policy. Going through your current insurance saves time.

The process becomes more complicated if you want to switch your car insurance. You need a lot of information, including the information and driving history of everyone in your household, your new address, your insurance history, expected mileage on your car, and the covered vehicle.

When telling the new insurance provider about your vehicle, you may need some additional information. The insured vehicle’s VIN number and date of purchase are important. You may also need to disclose if the vehicle is leased or owned. 

Once you give the new insurance company that information, they will give you a quote. Compare at least two quotes, plus your current insurance, to get the best rates. Saving time and money is already on your mind, and the wrong type of insurance burns a hole in your wallet. 

Do I Have To Change My Car Insurance When I Move Out Of State?

Yes, you absolutely have to modify your car insurance when moving out of state. Car insurance policies vary from state to state, so an updated policy is paramount. Your new insurance policy takes state laws into account, which can even work to your benefit.

Minimum liability coverage is a big change from state to state. All states require minimum liability coverage to protect other drivers. Each minimum changes depending on the state. 

Another factor is moving to or from a no-fault state. A no-fault state requires drivers to cover their own medical bills, even if the accident was the other driver’s fault. In this case, liability only covers property damage, not medical-related damages. 

No-fault states require liability coverage, and they require personal injury protection. Personal injury protection insures your medical expenses and loss of wages. It also covers your passengers, so you have nothing to worry about medically.

Your car insurance premium is largely based around location. Even if you are moving and are still within your state, a change in zip code is enough to change your premium. Notify your insurance company of every move so that they can update your policy.