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Kentucky Farm Bureau Car Insurance Review

The American Farm Bureau Federation insures Americans within the agriculture industry. The company holds smaller branches in every state as well as Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1919 with insuring needy farmers in mind. 

Kentucky Farm Bureau employs local agents to extend insurance to Kentucky natives. The company is the largest car insurer in the state of Kentucky. They state that their local agents handle claims efficiently to get their customers back on the road. It insures its customers beyond the borders of Kentucky. 

The car insurance company is transparent with its claims process. They have an entire section on their website dedicated to accurately filing a claim. Customers may also check their frequently asked questions for information on claims filing.

Kentucky Farm Bureau actively stands against distracted driving. They participate in anti-distracted driving campaigns to diminish casualties and accidents. 

Coverage Options

Kentucky Farm Bureau covers property damage and bodily injury within their liability coverage. They separate the cost of the customer’s damaged vehicle with collision coverage. They offer other basics, including uninsured motorist and personal injury.

The insurance company tailors their policies on a case-by-case basis. Local agents find the best policies, depending on the customer. Potential customers with questions about Kentucky Farm Bureau’s policies have to contact an agent for the best information.

Discounted Services

Signing a good student discount form with a local agent gets young drivers a discount. Drivers under the age of 21 may opt into driver’s training to receive another discount. Drivers without a claim for a certain number of years receive a safe driver’s discount. Going claim-free for 3, 5, or 8 years makes safe drivers eligible for multiple discounts.

Certain businesses in Kentucky offer a discount for having a policy with Kentucky Farm Bureau. Many customers report finding discounted rates when switching to KFB. The list of brands and companies are located on their website. These discounts apply to many different brands and companies, including rental cars, farming products, home products, and hotels. 

In some cases, Kentucky Farm Bureau offers discounts on health insurance and home security systems as well. Their most notorious discount is their identity theft recovery. If a customer gets their identity stolen, Kentucky Farm Bureau covers the recovery process for policyholders. 

Kentucky Farm Bureau also insures school bus drivers. All the drivers will need to provide proof of certification, and they qualify for a discount. 

J.D. Power Review

J.D. Power’s auto insurance study found Kentucky Farm Bureau to be below average. Customers are unsatisfied with their policy offerings, prices, and claims processes. They find the insurance company’s local agent interactions to be average. 

Because policies are case-by-case, Kentucky Farm Bureau seems to be lacking in their overall offerings. With what they offer, their prices could be better. Discounts do not seem to affect the customer’s opinions on pricing.

A.M. Best Review

A.M. Best gives Kentucky an A for financial stability. The insurance company took a few dings to its stability. This was in response to natural disasters, which threaten any insurance company’s financial stability. Being the top insurer for car insurance in Kentucky, this company’s stability holds true.

Clearsurance Reviews

Kentucky Farm Bureau has very few below average reviews. The percentage of its below average reviews only reaches about 12%. Over 64% of their customer ratings consider KFB to be excellent in services, prices, and customer service. Around 22% of customer ratings found KFB to be above average. 

Many customers seem to enjoy Kentucky Farm Bureau’s competitive pricing. Their local agents do a good job with communicating effectively and informing customers. In comparison to competitors, Kentucky Farm Bureau beats the average cost of insurance. Many customers feel satisfied with their services in terms of pricing and customer service.

Other customers report a difficult claims process. One customer stated that their policy was canceled without their knowledge two months prior to finding out. Some customers report filing a claim and never getting repairs after an accident.

Average-rating customers report frustration with their website. They state that the site has little technical ability, and they are old-fashioned. This may hold true with their usage of local agents. Some of the average-rating customers report a rise in their insurance with no claims filed.

Pros & Cons


  • Local agents are good at customer service
  • Homegrown customer service representatives
  • KYB gives back to its community
  • Insures more than farmers currently


  • Below-average policy costs compared to the Kentucky average
  • Picky claims process
  • Hard to find information online
  • Seems to raise their rates after claims