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MAPFRE Car Insurance Review

MAPFRE was founded in 1972 as the Commerce Group. The insurance company was picked up in 2008 by Mapfre S.A. MAPFRE is the 19th biggest provider of automobile insurance in the United States, making it one of the top insurers. MAPFRE is the largest personal car insurance provider in the state of Massachusetts.

The MAPFRE group is also the leading insurer in Spain currently. MAPFRE currently operates in 47 countries on five continents. Their revenue was $23.53 billion in 2011. MAPFRE did their best job to expand around the globe and have been very successful at achieving this goal.

MAPFRE Coverage Options

To get an accurate insurance quote, customers need to visit them online. Customers may also talk to a consultant about additional information needed to determine the accurate quote for their car insurance.

MAPFRE covers many different important coverages. Liability, medical, collision, just to give a few examples. MAPFRE has the luxury of offering discounts, additional programs and value programs with their services.

Liability Coverage

This type of coverage is extremely important, it includes protection for injuries sustained by you or somebody else. This also includes property damage at the event of a car accident. 

MAPFRE can’t stress enough the importance of having liability insurance. This type of coverage is very important to have at all times to ensure the safety of yourself and someone else. Without liability coverage, customers are at risk of being hurt or taking uncovered property damage. 

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage will protect you from accidental damage to your vehicle including unfortunate disasters. Fire, wind, hail or theft? No problem, MAPFRE covers all of these with this coverage. Leaving your car with no worries is the best feeling ever.

MAPFRE also provides the information that they will cover more than just that. As long as you have their comprehensive insurance you won’t have to stress about unrelated other car damages that could occur rather than a car accident. This would be highly recommended but not an absolute requirement to acquire.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

MAPFRE has a special kind of coverage obtaining to a person who isn’t insured or that doesn’t have enough coverage. This coverage pays for injuries as a result of an accident so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary medical bills.

This coverage is important if you have gotten into a sticky situation with somebody who is not insured. This would definitely be more of a premium insurance as many people just get the basic insurance but could be very useful in certain circumstances.

Substitute Transportation

If you were in an accident and your car needs to be repaired then this service will provide you with a rental car. This makes it so you aren’t without any means of transportation while your current car is being worked on in the shop.

This would be important to have if something does happen to your car and you have no back route alternatives. You will still have a car right up until your car is back in motion and fixed from the shop.

J.D. Power Review

MAPFRE scored a perfect 5/5 in the overall satisfaction of the company. According to the J.D. Power study, MAPFRE has a perfect score in appearance, navigation, availability of key information, range of services and finally, their clarity of information.

MAPFRE scored a perfect score in every category proving to be an expectational insurance company. Scoring among the best of all the other insurance companies, topping most. With having a perfect score only another company with the same satisfaction could equate to MAPFRE.

A.M Best Review

MAPFRE scored an A rating in A.M. Best’s financial strength category. MAPFRE’S financial size is $750 Million to $1 Billion. MAPFRE’S outlook is stable and has been affirmed for some time now.

Some history of MAPFRE’S financial strength determines that 2015 through 2019 there has been a perfect “A” score. Even MAPFRE’S long term credit rating has been a perfect score since 2015, impressive.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

MAPFRE scored a 4.09 on Clearsurance, still proving to have high rating reviews all around the board. The insurance company received a 62% excellent poll rating and a 22.7% great rating. Around 4.7% voted for a poor rating and a 1.6% voted a fair rating.

Overall most customers seem to be happy having MAPFRE as their primary car insurance. They have very few negative reviews and are mostly positive all around.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use website
  • Explains their coverage well
  • Transparent pricing
  • Good discount offerings
  • Flexible billing options
  • Variety of different coverage options


  • Seem difficult to get ahold of at times