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Metromile Car Insurance Review

Metromile was founded in 2011 in Redwood City, California. This makes the insurance company incredibly young for its degree of success. The company’s founders are David Friedburg and Steve Pretre. To date, Metromile raised $205 million in disclosed funding and additional undisclosed funding. The headquarters resides in San Francisco and Boston.

Metromile took a unique approach to car insurance. They offer pay-per-mile insurance, which is a unique take on the industry. The user pays a base rate along with a fixed rate per mile. This billing model was made to benefit low mileage and safe drivers. To measure the mileage, the Metromile Pulse device is plugged into the onboard diagnostic of the car. This device transmits mileage data to servers.

The pay-per-mile system achieves a few things. It discourages multiple claims by reducing the customer’s desire to drive. It rewards customers who drive very few miles. The system keeps tabs on the check engine light and negligent driving, which benefit’s the company’s financial stability. Finally, the company may offer cheaper rates, depending on the habits of the driver. 

Metromile Coverage

For an accurate quote visit Metromile’s website and fill out all the information needed. They prefer an online model as opposed to local agents. Metromile also has a driving app and 24/7 customer service. There are multiple ways to get into contact with them about the ideal coverage rate.

Metromile is also different than most car insurance companies, as you pay per mile. Many new school customers prefer this overpaying a bulk amount per month for full coverage insurance on their car. They state that, with their pay-per-mile practice, their low-mileage customers save hundreds of dollars.

The company encourages opting for a higher deductible. They state that a lower deductible equals a higher premium, and a higher premium means paying for more over time. 

Collision Coverage

Metromile offers a collision type policy to protect customers from accidents with another car, a fixed object, motorists and more. The device that you install into your car monitors your check engine light and other statistics, notifying support if you get into an accident. This helps them monitor negligence as well, which is what they use to determine liability costs. 

Metromile offers some unique collision insurance that could be very helpful or questionable at times. Metromile went the extra mile with some of their untapped ideas. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Metromile offers comprehensive car insurance that gives customers coverage on events that are out of your control. Bad weather could cause damage to your car, including hail, hydroplaning, etc.

Metromile’s comprehensive coverage covers other misfortunes, including animals, damage to customer vehicles, or theft to their property. There is also a pet injury protection coverage that is included in most full coverage policies.

J.D. Power Review 

Although Metromile is one of the cheaper car insurance options, it receives a lot of negative feedback. Customers seem to lack trust in the company. Metromile has received far more complaints than other companies of a similar size. 

Metromile is not a good option for people who drive long distances regularly. On top of that, they seem to apply additional charges. Metromile can be very cheap to users who do not drive much. 

Metromile has been known to offer a certain rate and then increase it out of nowhere for no reason. This holds true for a sudden check engine light, which would definitely raise rates until the problem is fixed. The reviews on Metromile seem to be rated higher but when you actually read the reviews many people are saying the same circumstance occurred to them as well.

Metromile has mixed reviews, positive and negative. Customers should take into account that the system is unique and new and isn’t perfect by any means. Metromile really took an interesting approach to their customers, and the feedback is a tell-all.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Metromile scored a high score of 4.18. 90% are likely to renew their policy and to tell a friend. 73% of customers claimed to have rated their experience with Metromile as a positive one. Low-mileage customers seem to be the happiest with Metromile. Customers in need of car repairs are the least satisfied with Metromile. 

Metromile has received a 66.2% excellent rating, and a 24.3% great rating. Metromile also received a 4.4% poor rating and a low 0.7% as a fair rating.

Pros Of Working With Metromile

  • Cheap insurance rate
  • Pay-per-mile insurance coverage
  • Fixed-rate on a per-mile basis
  • Full pet coverage insurance

Cons Of Working With Metromile

  • Your driving is always monitored with the device in place
  • Has many complaints
  • Not a good option if you drive regularly
  • A newer system with many flaws