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North Carolina Farm Bureau Car Insurance Review

This is another insurance company related to the American Farm Bureau. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, NC Farm Bureau was founded in 1936. It started as a non-profit farm company to benefit local farmers. 

The North Carolina Farm Bureau serves its community. It advocates for local education and economic growth. The insurance company is the largest company associated with general farm services in North Carolina. 

The company is active on social media. It holds true to ease of service. The website is readable and easy to use for all types of customers. Their community building practices nurture customer trust. 

North Carolina Farm Bureau participates in a lot of community programs. Currently, it associates itself with L.E.A.D., Young Farmers & Ranchers, IFAL, the Women’s Program, the Shaw Scholarship, and Safety Programs. It advocates for the protection of local farmers by educating farmers on legislative development. Unifying farmers’ voices is within the company’s main goals.

Becoming a member with NCFB has its perks. They have a page full of member benefits that customers can take advantage of. These benefits include cash bonuses with Ford, hotel discounts, and much more. Visit their webpage to see their selection of auto discounts, banking discounts, farm equipment discounts, health insurance, and travel discounts.

Coverage Options

North Carolina Farm Bureau employs local agents. Their goal is to maximize customer service experience and provide face-to-face interaction. Having homegrown agents is NCFB’s key to quality customer service. 

Their website is lacking in insurance policy information. Instead, they want their insurance agents to do all of the talking. They list a wide range of insurance coverages for their members to benefit from.

J.D. Power Review

Customer satisfaction for North Carolina Farm Bureau is above average. According to J.D. Power, NCFB holds true to its customer service and satisfaction. Supplying educated local agents benefits their customer satisfaction. 

North Carolina Farm Bureau tailors its processes to local preferences. Their local agents understand customer needs and apply relevant policies. The company offers great prices for the policies that they do offer.

Customers are especially satisfied with the insurance company’s claims process. This holds true with their above average interaction rating. Claims are handled quickly and efficiently. Policy offerings are average, but the insurance company has some of the best prices in the state. 

Customers report dissatisfaction with NCFB’s quickness to drop them. Filing two claims within 12 months put customers on probation. Sometimes, the insurance company drops customers altogether. 

A.M. Best Review

A.M. Best commends North Carolina Farm Bureau on its excellent risk management. Their risk management team serves the company and creates phenomenal financial stability. The insurance company has an A. The company is conservative with its investing, which holds true to its financial stability. 

A.M. Best respects NCFB’s cornering of the North Carolina market. The company’s well-known name benefits it well. The company took a huge dip in financial stability during the 2011 Hurricane Irene, which resulted in an above-average number of claims. Before the 2011 hurricane, NCFB beat competitors in financial stability.

The 2011 hurricane resulted in rising insurance rates. This displaced NCFB’s capital to more risk management. The risk management dipped into the company’s overall capital, but A.M. Best expects restabilization soon. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Customers are highly satisfied with the North Carolina Farm Bureau. Clearsurance reports 13% below-average reviews with the company. Above-average reviews reach as high as 85%. Many customers report “all-around good service” with NCFB.

Most North Carolina Farm Bureau customers are with the company for years, even decades. Customers are loyal to the insurance company, especially when they keep an agent for a long time. When customers get used to their agent, they are happy with their policy. Few customers report sudden changes in their policy or hidden fees within their claims. 

Customers with few claims report the best service. They report less trust for national companies and more trust for local companies. They are satisfied with NCFB’s premiums and customer service. When customers do file a claim, they state that North Carolina Farm Bureau handles them well.

Customers consider North Carolina Farm Bureau to be affordable and easy. Some customers are unsatisfied with Farm Bureau’s quickness to drop their coverage. When customers change agents, they seem to run into problems. A lot of North Carolina customers do not appreciate change, and two different agents working differently puts a ding on customer satisfaction. 

Pros & Cons


  • Extreme customer satisfaction
  • Long-standing and trusted insurance company
  • Easy to use and informative website


  • Lacking in customer loyalty
  • Quick to drop customers for filing claims
  • Took a big dip in financial stability after 2011