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Progressive Car Insurance Review

As one of the leading insurance companies, Progressive offers bundles, discounts, and an easy online experience. The company was founded in 1937, and it focuses on good coverage on discounted premiums from previous accidents. They cut costs around insurance agents, which allows customers to get lower premiums.

Coverage Discounts

Progressive prioritizes their discounts. They take in accident-prone drivers and safe drivers alike. Safe drivers get a higher discount. Accident-prone drivers get a few tools to help them save money also.

Progressive offers Snapshot for filing claims and getting discounts. They uniquely offer discounts based on the customer’s driving patterns. The best discounts from Snapshot come from drivers who lay off the accelerator, drive during the daytime, low-mileage driving, and no phone usage during driving. 

The Name Your Price tool lets customers negotiate a budget. Customers name their price, and Progressive shows the coverage that makes them eligible for that budget. Progressive also lets customers adjust their coverage to fit into that budget. 

Liability Coverage

Progressive includes bodily injury and property damage in their liability coverage. Bundling auto insurance with home or renters insurance saves the customer money. Their liability coverage includes legal fees. 

Progressive separates their payments per person, per accident, and property damage. They may cover a whole $20,000 medical bill, but if it’s the customer’s second accident of the year over $50,000, they will not pay. They have a low minimum, so customers may want to opt-in for higher liability coverage. 

Customers may bypass separate liability coverage by opting into a CSL. CSL stands for a combined single limit. It is a good failsafe for being covered in some places and not others. It costs more, but it is a better coverage option.

Deductible Savings Bank

Choosing to save on a future deductible every month keeps customers from having to fork out sudden money. They subtract $50 from collision and comprehensive deductibles. Progressive offers this savings bank for every 6 months of clean driving. The price continues to drop all the way until $0.

J.D. Power Review

According to J.D.’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, customer experience with Progressive is average. This includes overall satisfaction, claim servicing, settlements, and estimates. A customer may experience the usual when working with Progressive in a claim.

The same goes for J.D. Power’s Insurance Shopping Study. Overall customer experience is average. A below average score is given to Progressive’s call service representatives, who seem to be lacking in customer service.

On the other hand, Progressive seems to treat their independent insurance agents well. Insurance agents rated their servicing policies and product offerings with perfection. The overall satisfaction and quoting experience is above average. Customer support and communication is above average as well. Progressive seems to be lacking on commission prices for those agents, though.

A.M. Best Review

Progressive meets the criteria for keeping its promises, according to A.M. Best. The review company recommends them as a long-term insurer. They also state that Progressive’s financial stability is solid. 

Since Progressive relies on brand recognition, they want to keep their customers happy. A.M. Best acknowledges Progressive’s customer-oriented nature. The insurance company’s pricing techniques continue to draw customers away from competitors. Once Progressive delivers on their claims promise, it solidifies their trustworthiness. 

NerdWallet Reviews

NerdWallet gives Progressive a 4.5 star rating out of 5, placing them 5th out of their 20 best car insurance companies. They tribute Progressive Snapshot and Name Your Price Tools. NerdWallet states that Progressive received fewer complaints than average for a company of its size. 

NerdWallet commends Progressive on its variety of coverage. Customers immediately benefit from signing with Progressive in terms of savings and discounts. Its business practices are average to above average.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Most customer reviews on Progressive show the company in a positive light. The majority of customers are likely to renew their policy, and they would also recommend Progressive to a friend. 

Percentage-wise, Progressive’s average to below-average reviews only reach 15%. Some of those reviews include unhappy customers with no substitute vehicles or accident-prone customers. Large portions of those customer reviews consider Progressive to be great or excellent. The happiest customers commend their rates and customer service.

Pros of Working With Progressive

  • Tons of discounts
  • Snapshot and Name Your Price tools
  • Transparent pricing
  • Doesn’t separate bodily injury and property damage
  • Accident forgiveness after 4 years
  • 6-month deductible discount

Cons of Working With Progressive

  • Reports of 61% increase in premiums after an accident
  • Difficult to solve problems at the call center
  • Doesn’t offer substitute vehicles