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Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Towing requires a few types of coverage for the car to be fully covered. The cost of towing requires roadside assistance (towing and labor coverage). Towing and labor coverage is a cheaper type of coverage, so it is usually worth it to opt-in. Paying for roadside assistance ensures that your car is covered in the event of towing. On top of roadside assistance, there is full coverage. Also, full coverage covers the car while it is being towed. A tow-truck driver can get into an accident, and you will still be covered. The third type of coverage for roadside towing is another driver’s liability insurance. If you get into an accident and the other driver is found to be at fault, their liability insurance covers the cost of towing.

Whether or not you already have towing and labor coverage depends on your auto insurance company. Certain types of coverage include roadside assistance within the package, such as through full coverage. Liability insurance is one type of auto coverage that does not include roadside assistance, but adding it on is typically cheap.

If you want roadside assistance in your insurance package, then consider multiple insurance companies. Roadside assistance is the type of coverage that comes in many forms, depending on the insurance company. It is likely for at least one to fit your needs based on your driving habits. Adding roadside assistance to your current insurance is easy. It is not especially expensive like comprehensive insurance.

Roadside Assistance Is A Life Saver

Being trapped on the side of the road is not fun, and a lot can happen to get you there. A flat tire, an accident, or an engine stall are a few tiny examples. Once you get there, it is better to have a car insurance company at your back to help. Towing and labor coverage is nearly a necessity with all of the possibilities, and the cost is generally cheap. 

Liability insurance does not equate to roadside assistance. Liability insurance only covers accidents where you are at fault. If you get into an accident and liability covers the other driver, then how will you get off the side of the road? 

Towing and labor coverage includes flat tires, jump starts, new batteries, lost or stolen keys, and towing. The types of problems that they will help you with depend on the insurance company. Certain insurance companies even offer tiers of coverage. Lower tiers of roadside assistance covers towing under 15 miles, for example. Higher tiers of roadside assistance cover a majority of problems. Rely on higher tiers of coverage if you feel especially unlucky.

I Don’t Have Roadside Assistance, And I’m Stuck. Now What?

In some cases, insurance companies are forgiving. A reimbursement is possible if you choose to pay out of pocket, and you can opt-in for the coverage later. In order to receive a reimbursement, save receipts, document the issue, and keep in contact with your insurance company. Knowing beforehand that your insurance offers a reimbursement is helpful.

On the other hand, perhaps you get into an accident. The other person’s liability insurance might cover the cost of your towing. This works if the accident is their fault. Their liability insurance should cover all costs pertaining to the accident. Be sure not to leave your car with the towing company for too long, however. There is a certain point that liability does not cover fees from extended stays at the towing company. 


Different types of insurance cover the cost of towing. They also cover your car during the process of towing. Some types of insurance, such as full coverage, may include roadside assistance. Another driver’s liability insurance covers the cost of towing if the accident is their fault. Finally, if you don’t have roadside assistance, it is easy and cheap to acquire it.