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Virginia Farm Bureau Car Insurance Review

First organized in 1950, Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance has always sought to support and grow agriculture in Virginia, all while satisfying the unique insurance needs of farms, families, and small businesses. Customers who choose Virginia Farm Bureau for auto, home, or health are members of the 88 country Farm Bureaus, Virginia’s largest farmer’s advocacy group. When you choose to join the Virginia Farm Bureau, you’re not just getting great insurance, you’re supporting the Virginia way of life. Members pay just $40 annually to join the Farm Bureau, granting access to Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance and other great discount deals. 

With many coverage options to choose from, there is no shortage of peace of mind with Virginia Farm Bureau. 

Types Of Coverage

Virginia Farm Bureau offers coverage options ranging from very basic to the highest degree, meaning you can find the policy that makes sense for your life and budget. 

Coverage options include: 

  • Liability. Basic auto insurance that pays out when your vehicle causes damage to someone or something. 
  • Collision Coverage. Insurance that picks up where liability leaves off. It covers your own vehicle when you cause an accident or hit a static object. 
  • Comprehensive. Covers damage to your car not caused by a collision. Issues such as theft, fire, weather damage, or a deer coming out of nowhere are covered by comprehensive. 
  • Medical Expense Benefits. Coverage that can offset your health insurance deductible and may also pay-out for passenger injuries. 
  • New Vehicle Replacement. Coverage that will replace your new car or truck with the same make and model should it be totaled in an accident. 
  • Pet Coverage. Protect your furry friends in the event of an accident. This coverage offers help toward vet bills or pays a death benefit similar to life insurance. 
  • Electronic Equipment Coverage. This protection applies to electronic equipment, devices, accessories, and enhancements made to the vehicle (ie: an upgraded stereo system). 
  • Income Loss Benefits. When an accident occurs, you may be forced to miss time at work. This coverage can help to provide for your families and make up for lost income. 

Keep in mind every driver must carry the minimum requirement for legal coverage in Virginia to stay out on the road. 


Staying safe and legal out on the road isn’t always cheap. Most car insurance companies offer discounts to help offset the high costs of monthly premiums. Virginia Farm Bureau is no different. They offer several discount options to help you keep your hard-earned cash right where it belongs – in your bank account! 

Discounts offered include: 

  • Good Driver Discounts. If drivers in your household avoid accidents and violations, they can save up to 5% on their car insurance premiums. 
  • New Policy Discounts. New policyholders with a safe driving record can score up to 25% off monthly premiums. 
  • Safety Features Discounts. If your car has safety features such as anti-lock brakes or an anti-theft device, you can save up to 30%. 
  • Teen Driver Discount. Teens who earn good grades and practice safe driving habits can earn up to 25% off on premiums.

There are plenty of ways to save if you practice diligent driving behind the wheel. 

Is Virginia Farm Bureau Highly Ranked? 

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance is not rated out of 5 with J.D. Power and Associates. A high J.D. Power rating can be a good indicator that a carrier is going to treat its customers well. However, many smaller state-centered insurers do not make the list due to bigger national competitors. 

While they may not boast a J.D. Power ranking, A.M. Best recently upgraded the Virginia Farm Bureau’s financial strength to A- (Excellent) from B++ (Good) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating was raised to an “a-” from “bbb+.” 

Additionally, Ward’s 50 has awarded Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance with top honors in both 2018 and 2019 for safety and consistency. 

What Do Customers Say? 

Two things customers value about Virginia Farm Bureau are a commitment to fair pricing and good insurance. Customers cite that pricing is transparent and that you do get what you pay for. When it comes to filing claims, the process is relatively fast and straightforward. Agents never take an accusatory tone and process payments quickly. Customers never feel rushed when dealing with an agent as if they are another name in a spreadsheet. Members also enjoy that their premiums come with discounts that don’t just apply to their car insurance. 

While most customers enjoyed a constructive experience dealing with Virginia Farm Bureau agents, others felt as if their agents were not suitably trained nor did they make the claims process easy. While most indicated that the claims process was fast, a few did feel as if the system of filing an accident claim was rather drawn-out. With that said, most customers still felt as if payouts were adequate and that they were receiving sufficient coverage. Let’s weigh the major pros and cons below: 


  • Fair pricing for good coverage
  • Bonus membership discounts
  • Well-trained service agents
  • The feeling of being valued
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Flexible payment options 
  • Unique coverage options such as pets and electronics


  • Zero rewards for being a long-term customer
  • The claims process after an accident can be lengthy
  • Not every agent is up-to-speed on new policies

When choosing a car insurance policy with the Virginia Farm Bureau, it is important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Choose a policy that makes sense for your budget and your life. Don’t just go with what’s affordable, always strive to gain the most bang for your buck.