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Wawanesa Car Insurance Review

Wawanesa car insurance has a very long history in the insurance industry. Their roots date back to 1896. Wawanesa currently operates in Canada, but it provides leading services in America as well. Wawanesa is known for many different traits including, outstanding claims, consistent growth and much more.

Wawanesa car insurance has received many positive ratings and continues to thrive to this day. Wawanesa has a big up one on the competition dating so far back and having so much experience in the industry.

Wawanesa Coverage Options

Wawanesa offers a combination of mandatory coverage and optional coverage. Their types of coverage are diverse. The company is generally transparent with any fees or limits in their coverage. Their website is navigable and informative.

Liability Coverage

Wawanesa has a conservative take on liability coverage. They separate bodily injury and property damage, which combines into overall liability coverage. Their bodily injury coverage includes all of the customer’s assets and legal fees. They have two separate limits, depending on the nature of the accident.

Wawanesa’s property damage coverage insures legal liability for vehicle damage. It is mandatory for customers to have both property damage and bodily injury coverage. The company recommends having a limit to the size of the customer’s assets. This protects the customer’s personal property and financial assets, which would otherwise be used to pay the no-fault driver. 

Medical Payments

Automobile medical payments protect your own medical bills as well as your passengers. It also covers the costs of funerals. This coverage is unique in protecting customers as pedestrians. If an at-fault driver strikes a customer or someone within the customer’s household, automobile medical payments protect the pedestrian via medical coverage.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Wawanesa also covers roadside assistance. Their limits are up to $100 per vehicular problem that caused it to be stuck on the side of the road. They do not insure vehicles over 14 years old. They also reimburse the cost of roadside assistance if the customer chooses to get another type of roadside assistance.

J.D. Power Review

Wawanesa receives above-average ratings in the state of California. J.D. Power states that their customer satisfaction is above average. Customers state that Wawanesa offers unique, affordable policies. Their overall policies hit the basics well, and they are diverse with their coverage.

On top of that, the insurance company handles claims well. Customers report being satisfied with the quickness and efficiency of the claim. They received a perfect five-star rating with their prices, beating most competitors with their great rates. 

Overall, customers seem satisfied with Wawanesa’s transparency. They do not hide fees, and they keep their website informative. Interaction with agents is average, but it does not seem like Wawanesa employs local agents. Instead, they seem to rely on web presence to receive their customers. 

A.M. Best Review

A.M. Best finds Wawanesa’s financials to be stable. They are not perfect with their finances, but the company is not near its end. The company’s balance sheet strength is very strong. Since diversifying itself geographically, the insurance company’s profits improved.  A.M. Best recently changed its review on Wawanesa to stable due to its improving profits within the last year. 

Clearsurance Reviews

Customers are happy with Wawanesa’s transparency with its insurance policies. They rate the website well. They also appreciate the company’s competitive rates, which boosts the company’s effectiveness. Around 85% of their customers report being very satisfied with their service. 

The insurance company only collected around 13% in below average reviews. Their low-rate insurance makes customers on a budget satisfied. Typically, customers expect low-quality service with lower rates, but that is not the case with Wawanesa. 

Averagely-satisfied customers report frustration with frequent price changes. Wawanesa seems to change its premium policy often, which affects customers directly. Some customers report a change in their premium with no prior accidents.

Customers also commend Wawanesa on their fast claims process. Getting customers in and out of a sticky situation is a good habit for Wawanesa. They are also active on Clearsurance and take customer complaints from the site seriously. 

Some low-rating customers report problems with insurance claims. Customer service can be hit-or-miss, and it really depends on the agent. Certain customers report an unfixed claim with a rise in their insurance premium. The most frustrated customers report a huge rise in their insurance premium after filing a claim.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent prices
  • Good customer service for the price
  • Overall satisfaction with claims filing
  • Overall trusted and affordable company
  • Very transparent website


  • Separates bodily injury and property damage
  • Has failed to reimburse some customers