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Alfa Car Insurance Review

Alfa car insurance offers in-town agents to help customers find the right type of coverage. The company started in 1946 as a form of fire insurance for farmers. It is a subsidiary of the Alabama Farmers Federation. Alfa offers personalized insurance and prides itself on truly caring for its customers. 

As of 2019, the company made a promise to become more technologically advanced. Alfa does not cover all 50 states, but it is their goal to improve their area of coverage. They are working on improving their website and other technology-focused parts of the company. The insurance company provides service to over 1 million customers.

Alfa enhanced its coverage to include more states. Currently, the insurance company covers cars in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Not all of those states include their homeowners insurance. 

Alfa’s Coverage Options

Alfa covers property and bodily damage in an at-fault accident. They also offer to cover the customer’s defense lawsuit in more extreme cases. Alfa offers to pay up to $50 a day for lost wages to customers who attend the defense hearing. This is a well-rounded type of liability coverage in comparison to competitors.

For Georgia and Mississippi policyholders, Alfa offers property damage coverage for uninsured motorists. If an uninsured motorist damages your vehicle or personal property, that is covered by Alfa. 

The company offers quite a few discounts to insure all types of drivers. Policyholders receive 25% off of their insurance if they install new airbags in their vehicles. They also offer a defensive driver discount, an anti-theft discount, and a driver training discount. Combining home insurance with car insurance gives policyholders a hefty discount as well. Alfa seems to prioritize discounts for younger drivers from ages 16 to 20. 

Medical Coverage

Alfa offers unique compensation for medical coverage. Their medical coverage pays for the policyholder’s medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault. They insure up to $2,500 in funeral expenses. When an injured family member stays in the hospital, Alfa covers the cost of the insured person’s bed in the overnight stay. 

In the event of a serious injury, Alfa covers the majority of lost wages. Customers should expect up to 85% of their income back from Alfa. This is excellent for long-term recovery after an injury. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Alfa’s comprehensive coverage insures the basics and more. They cover theft, fires, fallen trees, animals, and any other no-fault damages. On top of that, they cover payment for rental or other transportation costs in the event of a completely damaged vehicle. 

Rental cars are also covered for minor damages. Dings and scratches are under Alfa’s comprehensive coverage. Some extra expenses, such as lost or stolen luggage, are covered by Alfa’s comprehensive coverage. 

J.D. Power Review

Overall satisfaction for Alfa is above average. Customers feel like their policy offerings are fair, not particularly special. The prices for those policy offerings are very satisfactory, and customers are happy with them. 

Customers also feel informed about the billing process, and there are few to no hidden costs. Local agents and call center representatives work well with Alfa’s customers. They are informative and helpful towards consumer needs. 

Their claims process is also above average with customer satisfaction. Claims do not leave customers feeling unsatisfied or confused about the process. Overall, customers feel happy with Alfa’s services in car insurance.

A.M. Best Review

According to A.M. Best, Alfa’s financial strength is well above average. The company exhibits financial stability in comparison to competitors. Its financial outlook is stable and in a good position for growth. 

The company’s current growth model is sustainable. This sustainable financial growth also applies to Alfa’s subsidiaries, including Alfa Insurance Corporation, Alfa Specialty Insurance Corporation, and Alfa Allied Insurance Company.

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Most long-term customers report being satisfied with Alfa. They enjoy competitive rates and good customer service. Alfa is easy to contact for any problems, and they are transparent with their claims process. 

Customers are mostly satisfied with Alfa’s local agents, who come off as friendly and inviting. The local agents seem to be Alfa’s source for amazing customer service.

Only about 15% of customer reviews are unsatisfactory. Some customers are unsatisfied with the result of their claims. Other customers report steadily rising insurance rates. Claim denial is a big issue with certain customers. Depending on the location, some customers also report little to no client satisfaction. 

Pros & Cons


  • They prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Simple claims process
  • Offers rentals under certain types of coverage
  • Exceptional liability coverage
  • Expanding their coverage to more states


  • No long-term customer rewards
  • Hefty premium boost in the event of an accident
  • Car accidents