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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review

Originally known as the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association in 1912, Liberty Mutual did a lot of growing this past century. Great Place to Work US certified the insurance company as one of the most trusted and high-performance work environments. They are the 3rd top insurance company in the US and the 5th insurance company globally.

Different Types of Coverage at Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is upfront about the prices of their coverage on their website. They offer discounts for online purchases and insurance bundles. The insurance company also offers discounts for B average students, installation of an alarm, and newer vehicles.

Liberty Mutual’s standard auto insurance coverage is pretty basic. They offer liability in the form of medical and property damage. In an at-fault accident, they cover your medical fees as well as the other driver’s. Their add-ons show diversity, and they even will not raise a customer’s premium after their first accident. 

Unique Add-Ons

Uninsured motor coverage, deductible reduction, and lifetime car repairs are a few beneficial add-ons. Combining these add-ons with their bundle discount lets customers become fully covered in any situation. Here are a few more add-ons that Liberty Mutual offers to completely cover its customers:

  • New Car Replacement
  • Better Car Replacement
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Original Parts Replacement
  • Teacher’s Car Insurance
  • Mexico Car Insurance

Liability Coverage

Liberty Mutual automatically covers property damage and the medical bills of both drivers. For their at-fault customer, they offer to cover some medical bills, which is unique to them. Their well-being coverage insures medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees. The passengers in both cars are also covered. 

Liability insurance does not cover at-fault uninsured motorists. To get that, customers must opt-in to their uninsured motorist coverage. There is a limit to this coverage, so customers may want to take advantage of their bundle options.

There is a limit to the amount in medical bills that Liberty Mutual covers in their liability insurance. If medical bills get too expensive, the insurance company offers extended medical bill coverage. 

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

When customers work through one of their guaranteed repair network facilities, Liberty Mutual offers to cover all of the hassle of fixing a damaged car. For as long as the customer owns their vehicle, that vehicle is covered under a lifetime warranty. 

To qualify, customers must be within range of the network facility. Liberty Mutual customers only need to pay a deductible, and they handle the rest. Updates on the repairs are as simple as logging into the insurance company’s eService account. 

J.D. Power Review

In J.D. Power’s auto claim satisfaction study, Liberty Mutual is average. Overall customer satisfaction, claims services, settlements, and other auto-claims related services get three out of five stars.

Liberty Mutual’s call center representatives get a below average rating. Customers feel generally unsatisfied when working with their call center. Their policy offerings, prices, and local agents get an average rating. Customers feel that the experience with those are the usual.

A.M. Best Review

As for A.M. Best, Liberty Mutual gets all A’s across the board. The review company confirms that Liberty Mutual is good for paying claims. The process is not too difficult, and they do not scam customers out of their money. 

Getting an A from A.M. Best is good, but it is still two rankings under A++. This probably means that customers run into difficulties from time to time, but the A score suggests that those problems were properly settled. for Liberty Mutual

Reviews state that Liberty Mutual’s track record for settling filed claims hits below average. Liberty Mutual offers tons of discounts, but those discounts are not worth it if they cannot settle a claim. Problems with customer service, especially the call center, take the forefront of Reviews’ concerns. 

Above average customer complaints is a concern. When considering their difficult call center, think of how hard it will be to file a claim. Customers fear being stuck up the creek without a paddle. Since Liberty Mutual lacks good customer service representatives, most people are skeptical about working with them.

Cleasurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Clearsurance lower a bit for Liberty Mutual. They state that they “work on behalf of their policyholders, not their stockholders”, but around 20% of their ratings reach below average to poor. Some customers report an extreme increase in rates and the company skipping out on discounts.

Pros & Cons


  • Bundles and discounts
  • Liability insurance covers the at-fault driver and passengers
  • Student and military discount
  • Easy-to-use website


  • Poor customer service
  • Below average call center
  • Discrepancies in their trustworthiness