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Esurance Car Insurance Review

Esurance is a young but notorious car insurance company. The company was founded in 1999. Since then, it has sold over 1 million car insurance policies to over 2 million drivers. Allstate purchased Esurance in 2011, making it a subsidiary of the top-ranking insurance company.

Esurance is one of the first car insurance companies to sell policies online. They developed the online market. Esurance beat competitors who prioritized phone calls and in-person insurance sales. The insurance company also outdid competitors by being the first to offer policies to same-sex couples. 

Esurance Coverage

To get an accurate quote, Esurance offers the Coverage Counselor. The Coverage Counselor takes the customer’s information and applies a ballpark price. It considers the number of cars in the household and how much coverage is right for the customer. The customer uses this information to ask for a quote. 

For the basics, Esurance offers collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage. Their medical coverage protects drivers and passengers. The insurance company also offers unique coverage, such as rental car insurance and lease gap coverage.

Liability Coverage

Esurance separates collision from liability. With liability insurance, you are covered in an at-fault accident. The at-fault accident covers the other driver’s damages. 

However, an at-fault accident does not cover your own damages. To repair your own car, you need collision coverage. Collision coverage repairs your vehicle’s damages in a liability case. It also makes up for any liability that the other driver’s insurance fails to cover.

In addition to their liability coverage, Esurance offers medical coverage. Their medical coverage insures the driving customer and any passengers in the car. This coverage holds true, even if the customer was at-fault in the accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance company’s comprehensive coverage is unique. In their words, they insure all “other-than-collision” accidents. Their comprehensive coverage includes all non-driving accidents, including fallen trees and theft

They practice covering all comprehensive cases, including negligent cases. This means that all comprehensive cases, even the ones where you are technically at-fault, are covered.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Esurance’s emergency roadside assistance is separate from their other policies. Comprehensive or collision coverage does not include emergency roadside assistance. Their roadside assistance is cheap, and it covers all roadside emergencies.

Pay up to $75 for full-scope roadside assistance. The price is separate for each vehicle, meaning that their roadside coverage must be added on to each individual vehicle. Since it is vehicle specific, a car remains covered even without the policyholder present. A different person can drive your car and benefit from roadside assistance.

If a customer does not want to put roadside assistance on their premium, there is another solution. Esurance offers pay-as-you-go roadside assistance. Instead of opting for a full policy, customers get the choice of only paying for one emergency as it happens.

Rental Car Coverage

Esurance offers a special policy for rental cars. A damaged car in the shop will not strand you on the road with Esurance. They reimburse their customers for the cost of a rental car. Drivers need comprehensive or collision coverage to be eligible for their rental car coverage. 

J.D. Power Review

In terms of insurance shopping, customers are highly satisfied with Esurance. The company reaches above average across the board. Their policy offerings and prices hold a positive in the eyes of customers. Their call center representatives help to solve problems and open policies easily. 

Esurance’s customer satisfaction with auto claims pans out differently. The insurance company’s overall satisfaction rating is below average. Customers receive below-average estimates, and repair processes are below average as well. Customers also feel like the eventual settlement could be better for the cost of the policy.

A.M. Best Review

Esurance is a younger insurance company, but its financial stability holds true. The company received an A+ from A.M. Best. This makes them highly financially stable with no evidence of a company collapse. 

A.M. Best recommends Esurance for internet-friendly customers. They commend the company on their various discounts. Esurance’s parent company Allstate also received an A+ from the review company. 

Clearsurance Customer Reviews

Overall, customers seem satisfied with Esurance’s prices. They say that customer service and quoting is easy. Customers commend Esurance for their affordable pricing. 

Customers with worse driving history reported dissatisfaction with Esurance. The insurance company seems quick to boost premiums and hold customers accountable. Clean driving records find working with Esurance to be more satisfactory. 

In Summary


  • Affordable policies for good drivers
  • Well-versed in online insurance
  • Pay-as-you-go roadside assistance
  • Associated with Allstate


  • Quick to boost premiums
  • Expensive for below-average drivers
  • Unsatisfactory claims process